Pulling my hair out !!

I’ve been busy all day Friday, and Saturday, and just “took a break.”  Trying to accomplish anything and everything–on this laptop with Windows-8–is a major frustration!!  ~~  Yesterday (Friday) I moved seventeen boxes of health and nutrition books from the “storeroom” to the front porch.  My chiropractor stated (several months ago) he would take my library of holistic health books BUT can’t seem to fit me into his after-hours schedule.  (I’m beginning to think there is something wrong with this arrangement: I spend $5,000. plus time and gas but he can’t spend an hour [or two] to acquire the library that cost me several hundred dollars [or over a thousand dollars].)  ~~  I hadn’t wanted to lift those heavy boxes!!!!!   ~~  Now they are on the front porch (and an adjustment–or massage–would have felt good).  ~~~~  More info and pictures tomorrow?!  It took two hours to do this short blog!!

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