This old lady…

This old lady has to pace herself!!  The digging of heavy red clay is tiring!!  I have carried each shovelful to the edge of the woods.  ~~  It is a BEAUTIFUL day and I forced myself away from the previous blog message so I could dig dirt from edge of cement slab footing for the air-conditioner.  I want to add another trellis there and plant Morning Glories next Spring.  I added mulch/compost there and more around the Honeysuckle bush.  ~~  “Maintenance” has had a BIG project in the adjacent backyard and until a few days ago I had to look at piles of red clay in my yard, and the neighbor’s yard.  (The drain pipes were full of roots and the gutters could not carry away the rain water.)  So-o-o-o-o, there have been shovels, rakes, pitchforks, etc., available to “this old lady.”  Furthermore, in an effort to repair the destroyed lawn, trailer loads of mulch, and compost are positioned nearby.  Hear ye, hear ye, it has been imperative that I take advantage of the tools, mulch and compost while it is available!!  “Maintenance” is overjoyed to share with me because many (many, many) residents call them to plant a rose-bush, or dig out a Honeysuckle bush (etc., etc.).  “Overjoyed!!”  ~~  Compare the pictures of my back yard two weeks ago with today.  Trellis’ have been removed or repositioned.  The pink pails, and Topsy-Turvy  baskets (with dying plants), have been removed and their soil added to the hole dug for the Honeysuckle bush.  The Bluebird house–weighted into the recently acquired planter–has a new foundation and recently planted Pansies. ~~ “Yes,” I have spent a lot of time (and energy) in my yard the last couple of weeks!! (Click each picture to enlarge for more details.)

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