Be a Part of Reaching 100 Million Children

Because I haven’t documented details of my mini-vacation, and I haven’t published pictures from the trip, you haven’t read about my visit to Samaritan’s Purse and Operation Christmas Child International Headquarters in Boone, North Carolina.  It was inspirational to enjoy a tour of the facilities.  ~~  On that trip, I browsed Dollar Tree, Ollie’s, Walmart, etc., etc., and bought an enormous number of items for shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child.  (Fourteen bags of merchandise transferred from the car to my apartment!!  Seriously!!  They were added to the bags, and boxes, of items purchased earlier this year.)  ~~  Here is a gentle reminder that we all have to participate if we want to help Samaritan’s Purse reach their goal.

In the interest of full disclosure, searching the web, I found a link titled Campaign Against Operation Christmas Child.  I “campaign” for the project, obviously others don’t share my sentiments!!  In my humble opinion, the acts of kindness have been maligned.

One comment on “Be a Part of Reaching 100 Million Children

  1. nancy grenfell says:

    would love to see some pictures of your vacation. Going to Dr. Fuhrman’s retreat in Princeton. He went to college with Dr. Oz… sold my home .. am totally retired .. but not as active as you with all your wonderful “assignments”

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