For your information

For all of my interest in health and nutrition; despite **trying** to live a healthy lifestyle, I have been sick for about a month.  Whatever I “caught” on my mini-vacation has lingered.  I may never get around to publishing details, and pictures, of my recent trip.  I apologize!!  ~~  One important objective of the recent trip: An appointment with my holistic health doctor in Wilkesboro.  One hundred fifty miles from my apartment, and one hundred fifty dollars from my bank account,  provided a five-minute conversation with the doctor!!  (Unhappy!!)  ~~  From my weekly chiropractic appointments: I’m experiencing more pain than relief.  (Very unhappy!!)  ~~  A wave of cold air has blanketed much of the nation.  (Burr!!)  I’ve activated the heater in the apartment–but I’ve been wrapping up in a blanket (mindlessly watching television).  ~~  Tomorrow–all day–employees and volunteers are gathering at a South Carolina State Park for a prayer retreat.  I’m dreading the outing!!  (I’ll dress warmly and take a blanket!!)  I love the “outdoors”; I love my coworkers BUT, health-wise and weather-wise, I’m a reluctant participant!!

Postscript, Thursday, October 11, 2012, 1:30 PM: FYI, I’m “at work” but am “under the weather” from exposure to the elements yesterday.  I was wrapped in a blanket most of the morning.  Gratefully, it warmed up about noon but the wind was cold blowing off the lake.  BUT, today, I’m at my desk ready for the occasional visitor and frequent phone calls.

Postscript, Sunday, October 14, 2012, 3:15 PM: So-o-o sick!!  Too sick to even work in the yard on an extremely beautiful day weather-wise.  Yesterday I aggravated my fragile health by working in the shaded drafty entry outside the main building at JAARS.  It was Open House JAARS Day.

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