Taking a “break” !!

I’ve been busy in the back yard since early this morning.  It is 2:15 and I’ve told myself “It’s time to sit down.”  So here I am–sitting.  I’ll spare you all the details of all the activities (you would be bored).  The major accomplishment is the “almost” finished changes to the area frequented by the Bluebird couple.  I replaced the ugly base with a new ($20.) planter.  I’ve added a lot of  river gravel for weight–and drainage.  I plan to plant winter pansies.  Confession: I haven’t seen the Bluebird couple for several days. They are obviously smart enough to know their old bird house was replaced by a new bird house, and daily fresh mealworms haven’t lured them back.  Adding a new base, and a baffle, have changed the appearance… but I hope they adopt the new arrangement.









Postscript, Sunday, Sept. 9, 2012, 3:30 PM: Taking a break!! I haven’t stopped all day; the back yard draws me like a magnet. Moments ago I hung the rustic bird house at the edge of the woods. Now that I have a reprieve I won’t have that yard “yard” sale that I mentioned in an earlier message. I know I can’t sell the rustic bird house for a fraction of what I paid for it less than a year ago (I might not be able to give it away). Likewise the attractive, expensive, green, Bluebird house won’t sell if I tell a buyer the Bluebirds won’t adopt plastic. Now the “plastic” bird house is an ornament on top of my hanging plants stand. The rustic bird house was never adopted–but it may have been too close to the apartment?!

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