Off her rocker !!

Betty White doesn’t have a monopoly on Off Their Rockers.  Lots of “us” Seniors can relate!!

I didn’t “do” any of the “should do” projects the last several days.  Insanity ruled!!  It all started innocently enough–while “downsizing.”  I came across the large garden flag saying “Home Tweet Home”–unopened, still in its original package.  (When did I buy it??)  With all my bird houses; with all the bird feeders; with my obsession regarding my backyard, the garden flag should be on display.  From my storehouse of miscellaneous “stuff” I had **almost** everything I needed for the display.  See the upper right hand corner: I needed a simple PVC pipe “tee.”  With my pipe and broomstick, I spent an hour in Ace Hardware trying to find one simple item.  Got home… it wouldn’t work.  By then it was after 6 o’clock and Ace was closed– so I went to Lowe’s.  About one hour of trial and error in the plumbing department (for a PVC “tee”) followed by time in the electrical department and lumber department.  I came home with an electrical connector but it, too, would not support the flag (on the broomstick).  PVC pipe three-quarter inch is different from electrical three-quarter inch; aluminum pipe three-quarter inch is (likewise) different.  The problem has not been resolved.  I folded the garden flag and put it back in the package–until I decided to prepare this blog message.  I spent countless hours on that project!!  I could have been “downsizing.”

Well, the next project that took a lot of my time and attention might be considered “downsizing”: I cleaned three of my garden display items and resolved to sell them (or give them away).  “WHY?”  Because I may have to move soon and I might as well start cleaning up the backyard too.  I haven’t “fallen out of love” with my backyard!!  In fact, yesterday I made a special trip to my favorite bird supply store for whole peanuts for the squirrels, and mealworms for the Bluebirds. I bought a new (very expensive) Bluebird house!!  This one will make it much easier to view the nest, the eggs, and the babies.  Now isn’t that a contradiction?  I mentioned a move earlier in this paragraph but buy a new Bluebird house as though I am going to be here next Spring when Mama Blue and Papa Blue build a new nest in my backyard.  Off her rocker!!

To change the subject back to flags, I installed a flag pole bracket (from my vast supply of “stuff”) and hung the American flag for the holiday.  (At least I was able to complete one flag project!!)   I moved a Shepherd’s  hook from the backyard–and a hanging basket with Nasturtiums.  I also moved two other planters.  “WHY?”  Because a neighbor suggested I ought to bring part of my backyard into the front yard.

Of course, I spent hours watering plants in the backyard, filling bird and squirrel feeders, etc., etc.  Some trimming of dead leaves and flowers, too, and  sweeping the patio.  I repeat what I’ve said so often: “I love my backyard!!”  In fact, several days ago I bought three more flowering plants–for the Hummingbirds (they love the new plants!).  I had stopped at Lowe’s for another Squirrelola seed cake and just “had to” check the area with plants marked down half-price.  I’ve been very successful nursing bedraggled plants!!  (My Topsy-Turvy upside-down tomato plants were the exception.  I gave them love, and fertilizer, and water, but the extreme heat killed them.)

Postscript, Monday 9/03/2012, 6:00 PM: I returned to Ace Hardware today and finally found a PVC pipe “tee” that serves my need.  “If at first I don’t succeed, try try again!”  ~~  Picture taken indoors because Tropical Storm Isaac reached North Carolina and dumped a lot of rain on us.  (Weatherman says “Isaac will linger all week.”)  ~~  What do you think of my “trash to treasure” flag display??  The weighted umbrella base was on sale for $6.49.  The metal upright pole was “free” from my supply of “stuff.”  The wood broom handle (mop handle?) was “free” from my supply….  The “tee” was $1.06.  The garden flag was originally $15.97 but marked down to $3.99.  I may have purchased that flag several years ago (or last summer?) so I only consider this project cost $7.55.  (I can’t put a dollar value on my recent time and aggravation.)

Postscript, Tuesday 9/04/2012, 10:00 AM: After a few minor additions, the garden flag is available for the entire neighborhood to enjoy.  (My back yard is isolated and seldom seen by anyone other than “yours truly.”) This morning I drilled holes through the “tee” and added screws to secure the upright and cross arm–so it would not pivot in the wind.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them for better viewing.

One comment on “Off her rocker !!

  1. Deb says:

    I love the new flag. I think your neighbor had a good idea.

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