Intense heat !!

I’m sad!!  Extreme heat killed some of my plants today!!  I was away from home from 8;30 AM until 3:00 PM.  First, my appointment with the chiropractor; second, some shopping which included the purchase of more squirrel feed, and Bluebird mealworms.  I looked at bird bathes at Wild Bird Center but would not / could not allow myself to spend $30. to $130.  I love my fine feathered and fine furry friends but there is a limit to how much I will spend!!  Unexpectedly (as I was driving past Michaels) I thought “Maybe they have something I can use.”  And I found a shallow enamel container “on sale” for one-fourth the original price.  (So inexpensive I’m embarrassed to document the price.)  At home, I got out an old-fashioned small lawn sprinkler to use as the “bubbler.”  ~~  With our extreme heat, I’m very sympathetic to the birds!!  A big black crow was the first to splash in the new bird bath.  ~~  As soon as I got home, I quickly started running water to my tomato plants and other plants.  But I’m afraid the zinnias and nasturtiums are beyond saving.  ~~  Ninety-seven degrees as I write this and (according to evening TV news) “one-hundred degrees  or higher heat index.”   One-hundred degrees predicted for tomorrow!!  But, praise the Lord, I have electricity for air-conditioning.  I sympathize with folks in areas without power–without power for one week!!  (There was recent storm damage in the Charlotte area but [to my knowledge] absolutely no problems here at JAARS.)

Postscript, 7/07/2012, 8:45 AM: This morning several pretty little Goldfinches were feeding on the seeds at the center of the severely dehydrated (dead?) Zinnias. Maybe zinnia seeds are similar to the Nyjer seeds usually offered to finches?!

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