Miserable heat !!

I’m suffering in an air-conditioned apartment.  My thoughts, and prayers, are focused on the fire fighters in Colorado (and other areas).  How unbearable it must be!!  And in various parts of the country, for various reasons,  people are without any electricity for air-conditioning.  Think of the food that will spoil in refrigerators and freezers.  So many scenarios to think about.  It is 104 degrees as I write this at 2 o’clock.  ~~  I put “two-cup-size” blocks of ice at the top of my Topsy-Turvy upside-down tomato planters.  I read that “tip” somewhere recently so I keep ice in the freezer just for times of excessive heat.  (It works well when I’m going to work and want to keep the tomato plants “watered” during the afternoon.)  ~~  I had “for sale” and “donation” items to load into the car.  The heat was (is) intense!!  Yesterday’s 104 (or 105 depending on where we are) broke all records for the Charlotte area.  A neighbor said the official temperature for Waxhaw was 105 degrees.  The heat will lessen to about 96 degrees on Wednesday.  I’m questioning whether I want to walk in the Waxhaw 4th of July Parade–with the JAARS float.  That decision will wait until Wednesday morning.

Still 104 degrees at 3:20 but feels like 109 or 110. It is like a sauna!!

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