Tuesday bookends

Will my tomato plants die??  Will the baby Bluebirds live??  ~~  Another heart-stopping moment this morning.  Those once-sturdy tomato plants–reaching for the sky–were bent earthward.  Yes, the plants are heavy with tomatoes but I suspect our extremely hot days weakened the stems, and the heavy rain (last night) weighted the branches and leaves.  I had stabilized some of the growth with strips of cloth supports.  I should have anticipated the plants might topple from the weight of the tomatoes.  I provided more support; I fed the plants more liquid fertilizer; I talked lovingly to them and said “I don’t want you to die.”  ~~  Tomato plants and bunny rabbit at the beginning of my day.  (I was encouraged to see “Peter Cottontail” eating alfalfa pellets from the new bowl purchased specifically for him.)

So you’ve seen the “bookends” of my day: Morning, before I went to the antique store.  Evening, after I got off work. I was delighted to see movement inside the Bluebird house. Mama and Papa Blue kept carrying mealworms into the house so I knew there were little ones.  

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