Not a happy camper !!

Procrastinator!!  I’m a procrastinator!!  Today, I’m preparing Income Taxes.  Since the crack of dawn, I’ve been working on my 2010 taxes!!  I finished them and printed at 2 o’clock (months too late to e-file).  I’m taking a brief break for “B & B” (brunch and blog).  I had to unpack my printer and try to remember all the “how to” info.  (It has been packed for over two years.)  I left Shelby, NC, almost exactly two years ago so necessary information was scattered (misplaced).  As a faithful Turbo Tax user, I usually receive the next year automatically (with debit to my bank account).  It was awhile before the software caught up with me in Orlando, Florida.  I dutifully tried to install the $107.70 software and prepare….      The CD must be defective!!  I was very discouraged and just turned my back on the whole process!!  ~~  This morning I did a Google search and downloaded the 2010–for an additional $74.67.  ~~  I’ll go back to Google and download 2011 after I prepare this blog.  Now I’m determined to finish this unpleasant procedure!!

Why did I say I am not a happy camper??  Because I had planned to be en route to Marion, North Carolina, for an Escapee RV rally!!  For two weekends I have been getting the T@B ready.  I was diligent; I was ready.  However, my conscience wouldn’t let me leave for a mini-vacation knowing that my income taxes would be delinquent for a second year.

Postscript, 8:00 PM: I am mentally and physically exhausted!!!  Obtaining, and downloading, the 2011 software was a pain in the butt!!  My return is actually quite simple but there’s a lot of reading as Turbo Tax guides me through the details.  Then check and re-check for accuracy.  (I’ve had a “home based business” for decades and it’s vital that I document thoroughly.)  At 7:43 PM, I sent the Federal via e-file; at 7:57 I finished printing North Carolina and will mail it with the 2010 form (Monday).  I’ve spent over twelve stressful hours at the computer!!!

One comment on “Not a happy camper !!

  1. Deb says:

    We don’t use Turbo tax, but we do rely heavily on the previous year’s copies as a guide. Our printer also gave us trouble, which we think our in-house teenage repairman has solved by reloading the software, but we used the library in the meantime. Don’t forget you have until the 17th, because of the holiday issue this year. And you can always file an extension and do it after your rally. Hang in there.

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