Backyard fanatic reporting in !!

This week, I have a “one-track-mind” as I work to encourage Hummingbirds to my feeders. Still too early for the Hummingbirds but not too early to plan for bright color flowers. I bought two Topsy-Turvy upside-down Hummingbird planters (red, of course) and a hanging stand bearing the Topsy-Turvy brand. (Big Lots is promoting Topsy-Turvy products this week. Had I known…[ha], I could have purchased very sturdy, very nice stands [for $10. each] and been spared all my earlier labor. C’est la vie!!) I’m organizing planters and planning the flowers that I will plant. (Lots of research on the Internet.) All with the objective to attract Hummingbirds!! ~~ We have a greenhouse here at JAARS that opened Thursday evening (for the first time this year). Last night, I purchased—and planted—Begonias in a red pot.

I’ve seen the Bluebirds a couple of times and hope they will adopt the bird house.  No interest yet (that I’m aware of) in other bird houses, and baskets, scattered at the perimeter of my yard.  Some birds must already be creating nests because lots of visitors to the container with medicine-bottle cotton, string, and shredded cotton rags.  I added dryer lint yesterday because I recently learned the birds love dryer lint.

Postscript: At 11:20, I discovered some rejected nesting material on the patio. Perhaps I didn’t tear the fabric small enough??

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