For the birds !!

Phenomenally beautiful day (sixty-one degrees at 3:20)!! I spent hours on my patio and in my backyard. First I retrieved my drill from the storage shed and put it on the charger. Then I used a screwdriver to unscrewed the old, old bird feeders from the wrought-iron posts. I changed my mind about painting them thinking the birds might be sensitive to the odor of paint. I removed a clear plastic “wall” and hung one old, old feeder high in a green bush. I hope the birds will use it for a nest. The second old, old feeder was altered so a bird can enter at the top (because I couldn’t remove a plastic “wall”). I selected a location under the eave of the roof.  I plugged holes in the Chicken bird house, and Cowboy Boot bird house (remember they were clearance items at Hobby Lobby).  I drilled a larger hole in the Blue Bird house so I could attach sturdy hardware and secure the bird house to the wrought-iron post.  I drilled a hole in the flashing so I could hang a Hummingbird feeder.  ~~  Yes, it is “too early” for Hummingbirds but I want to be prepared!!  No nectar in the two Hummingbird feeders yet.  Yes, it is “too early” for the birds to build a nest but I want to be prepared!!  ~~  Statistics: Two Hummingbird feeders, nine “other” bird feeders, eight bird houses and two “maybe” bird houses. ~~ Click on the pictures to enlarge them for better viewing.

One comment on “For the birds !!

  1. Milagros says:

    Love it!

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