Sixty Hours

We’re all familiar with the CBS TV program “Forty-eight Hours.”  I’ve just experienced forty-eight hours plus twelve!!  Nothing dramatic (but I never want to walk this path again)!! ~~ I prepared this blog ahead to time and scheduled it for publication at 10:00 AM–when I’ll be in the dental office.  ~~  Confession: If I’d had chocolates in the apartment, I would have indulged… to salve my pain!!  I settled for air popped corn.


Postscript, 12/28/11, 1 o’clock:  I’m such a contradiction!!  I spent almost $60 for 25 pounds of peanuts for the squirrels BUT won’t spend $1,000 for a crown on my broken tooth.  The dentist patched the tooth and it cost $283.  ~~  I’m so “out of touch” with the cost of things!!  Several days ago, $1.99 for a head of cabbage; today, a grand for a crown!!  My conscience doesn’t bother me when I spend unlimited money on the squirrels and birds!!  BUT, I can’t reconcile spending $1,000 on something in the back of my mouth!!

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