Joy to the world !!

I’ve enjoyed an exceptionally wonderful Christmas!!  A neighbor-lady and I left our apartment complex at 8:30 AM en route to the home of JAARS acquaintances.  From their residence, seven of us traveled to Calvary Church in Charlotte.  I’ve never been there: I’ve never seen it in person or in a picture.  It was spectacular to drive up a little hill into the parking lot and suddenly see that huge structure!!  We were early because both my host and hostess were singing in the choir.  We heard a powerful Biblical message that bore out that “Jesus is the reason for the season.”

Back to the home of friends where we busied ourselves with dinner preparations.  Also, the reading of a poem The Night After Christmas (written by a friend of Julie’s), and some other Christmas entertainment.  Dinner was superbly delicious!!  It was with reluctance that Linda and I returned to our empty apartments.

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