Bah, humbug!!

Bah, humbug!!  I don’t like this time of year!!  Everything geared to family.  In an effort to banish the blues, I’ve kept very busy all weekend “getting my ducks in a row.”  In my earlier blogs (TabTeardropTravels) I talked about “downsizing.”  I’ve made progress but I won’t make the self-imposed deadline of December 31, 2011.  I hope, and pray, to get the project done before another year passes!!  I emptied several boxes yesterday, and a couple today.

Today I shifted boxes so I could get to some that have been packed since 2004.  (Yes, 2004!!  Before I left Lancaster, California.)  I thought I’d move pictures and decorator items from one box to another.  From an old box to a box that will be a donation to our Boutique (Thrift Shop) on the JAARS campus.  Inadvertently, I opened a box with framed family pictures and I was overwhelmed with emotions, and memories.  It was 2 o’clock and I cried out “Oh, God, I can’t stand the pain!!”  I tucked the pictures back into the box and stacked it against the wall (again). 

I fixed lunch and sat, eating, at the computer reading details about uploading pictures to this new-to-me blog.  There will definitely be “a learning curve” because there are many differences between this format and the Google Blogspot format.  Again I say “Bear with me while I learn the features.”  ~~  Note: With time spent reading instructions, and experimenting with pictures, this blog took three hours.  ~~  

One comment on “Bah, humbug!!

  1. Burt Vanasse says:

    I look forward to following your post on this site

    Burt Vanasse
    Rhode Island

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