Thanksgiving tradition

Did I hear you correctly? “Say it isn’t so?”

Yes, Lorraine is related to the Macy family through all her Coffin family ancestors on Nantucket Island, Massachusetts. Yes, Lorraine has visited the store in New York City. ~~ I’m thankful for a loving Heavenly Father (God) who loves me so much He trusted me with an awesome ancestry–and the talent and desire to accurately document the individuals in my database. (I’ve visited Nantucket Island twice.)

Thanksgiving dinner

People tell me I watch too much TV.  Actually, I listen to TV while I’m searching and/or documenting information on “The media”  has gotten vicious in their description of unvaccinated individuals. It’s a criminal offense. I did not want to mingle with the RV Park residents for their sake, and mine. Due to the Coronavirus, we have not enjoyed festivities in the Clubhouse. This was our first… and I stayed away. A neighbor brought this meal.

Cousins by the dozens !!

This morning (rather than take a nap), I continued my search for Frederick Lynn Gish. Among other bits of interesting information, I “stumbled” on this sixth cousin, one-time removed. This one is especially interesting because she married a man fifteen years her senior and identified as “Greek Orthodox.” ~~~ Below are ancestor charts for Gail’s parents who may not have known they had a common ancestor. (Leave it to “detective Lorraine” to discover this information.) Gail is my sixth cousin, one time removed, and each of her parents are my sixth cousin.

Fourteen hours and counting…

I couldn’t tear myself away from the computer. I had a tiger by the tail and I couldn’t let go. I suspect the marriage can be called a “cousin marriage” but I could not location Fred’s parents. All day devoted to the research of the Gish family and their immediate collateral lines.


See what happens when I locate the parents? My relationship to the individual changes. I research, I documentand I create PrintScreen images. These are my mental gymnastics; I’m hoping this will prevent dementia or Alzheimer’s. ~~~ FYI: Gail Ann Frantz is my 5th cousin.

Sunshine and shadows

This image caught my attention (and my camera is never far away). This is a perfect illustration of my emotions. I have so much to be grateful for (“sunshine”) but this is the most difficult time of the year for me (“shadows”). Holidays are “a family time of year” and I’m not connected to my family. Because of Covid, I am isolatedand depressed.

Plastic bulbs from strings of Christmas lights destined for the dumpster. Simply a matter of unscrewing the bulb from the base. I think they are pretty and colorful.

Yo-yo weather

Yesterday and the day before, “almost freezing” at this time. Yesterday, almost all day, I was in my pajamas, warm robe, socks, and warm slippersnear the electric space heater. At this moment (8:20), I am sweating hot (81 degrees indoors because the space heater was on all night. Conserving propane for severe winter weather.) ~~ I plan to “do” projects and ignore the computer (and ancestry). ~~ Wishing you a blessed day!!