I want to cry !!

Yes, it is almost one in the morning and I’m still  “climbing a family tree.” I’m documenting for the owners of this RV Park. Remember (?) they were my host and hostess the other night when we didn’t have electricity. They had/have a propane heater that doesn’t need an electric fan to expel the heat.

One of the ancestors is documented as born in Tennessee. When I searched for her parents, everything seemed directed to a family livingand dyingin Rhode Island. That doesn’t “compute” with me because I believe in the Real Estate mantra: “Location, location, location”!! As is my nature, I kept digging and I found the parents well-documentedliving and dyingin Tennessee. “Well-documented” in Federal Census records. There are one-hundred-thirteen Ancestry Member Family Trees with, either, the Rhode Island parents or no parents. Not one single Member Family Tree with accurate parents.

There’s an old saying: “If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing well.”  I don’t understand why people “look” for their ancestry and then copy from other trees. “Sources” are available. But we live in a world of “instant gratification”: smartphones, microwaves, drive-thru fast food, etc., etc.

“Fourteen million without water.”

The opening comment on the TV evening news. Yes, I’m one of the Texas residents without water (but I have emergency containers). Please forgive me for a fuzzy picture but rejoice with me that this little gizmo is a valuable item. It allows me to transfer pictures from my camera to the desktop computer.



I spent some timeand energyoutdoors. I shoveled snow and ice, and swept the sidewalk. I walked to and from the Clubhouse to fill gallon containers with water for “spit bath” and flush the toilet.

Phew !!

Phew, I can’t stand myself!!!! It has been two weeks since I’ve had a shower!! First: It was “too cold” to undress and take a shower. Second: No heat and no water!! Third: “The old lady” was extremely stubborn and refused to go to another home to take a shower!!! “I don’t want to be a bother.” ~~ Something else stinks: My old. old laptop is being stubborn and refuses to cooperate!! A week ago, I was trying to transfer information from “old” to “new” (one-year-old desktop computer) and that failed. LapLink “support” was ready to help but I didn’t have reliable WiFi and Internet to attempt the task.  ~~ Until computer problems are resolved, this may be the last message with pictures. I started this message on the laptop and I’m publishing it from the desktop computer (without picture albums).

I bet the reader is delighted with the absence of indoor-outdoor temperature pictures and “clipart.”  🙂  🙂  🙂


“Necessity is the mother of invention.”  I experimented and found I could upload these pictures to the desktop computer. I wish I had “experimented” sooner!! I’m not quite sure what I’m doing!! But I have 120 gallons of propane and that will last for another year?!

Unhappy !!

I’ve looked at my published blog messages from thismy desktop computer. From this perspective, the blog messages do not look anything like they appeared when I prepared them on the laptop computer. So I want to apologize to my readers if they were seeing scrambled pictures and scattered text.

Demonstration of Lorraine’s “pet peeve” !!!

This is the most obvious illustration of a lazy individual stealing his family history from folks (like Lorraine) who search for, and document, the family with sources.

For his “sources,” note all the “Ancestry Family Trees.”


My water is frozen–but I have bottled water. (A shower would be delightful!!) I have the blessing of electricity to keep me warm, and a tank of propane for the furnace. For two days, I’ve been researching, and documenting, the ancestry of the owner-manager of this RV Park. This is my way of saying “thank you.” (There are so few ways “this old lady” can repay the kindness of folks in this RV Park.)

Semi-normal ?!

Creature of habit!! I took a picture of the indoor-outdoor thermometer just prior to going to bed. “Up” this morning after a surprisingly good night’s sleep and took a picture of the indoor-outdoor thermometer. Gotta have my coffee! ~~~ Yesterday’s host and hostess are insisting I return today for more of their hospitality–and a shower!! I confess the need to wash away offensive body odor but I’m a “creature of habit”  and don’t want to impose and prefer to stay home now that I have electricity and heat.