Two tons of bricks !!

Remember the old saying about a ton of bricks?  A day in the life of a heart-broken old lady. Last picture first: “Yours truly” invested much time and energy “laying the patio”–one (1) thirty-seven pound block at a time. More than one-hundred blocks (plus numerous other various sizes) collectively total two tons.  Two strong men effortlessly pulled up the cement blocks and hauled them away.


Furnace frustrations


This week two repairmen (individually) worked on my furnace. One departed, yesterday, proud of his accomplishment. Sadly, the furnace did not operate as the temperature dropped overnight.

Several CARE residents have, likewise, had problems with their propane appliances. For some residents, “oil in the propane” was the diagnosis. My furnace problem still unknown (but we can’t rule out oil in the propane).

Full disclosure: There is a “heat strip” in my air-conditioner that struggles to take the chill off my trailer home.  At 8:00 AM, the indoor temperature is sixty-seven degrees


Late afternoon, I brought the electric heater from storage building to trailer home. Between the two, I’ll be OK.