“A stitch in time…

…saves nine.”

Perhaps the purchase–months ago–of a new RV electric cord–and surge protector–would have spared me the expense of a used motor for air-conditioner?!  ~~ Today, I made a special trip to the Post Office to mail the motor, and the “wrong” cord. Both packages are/were very heavy so total of $53.00 to send…. Not only did I suffer (miserably) without air-conditioning, my total recent expense $413.00. Was my cord the problem? We may never know. When I examine the situation further, I speculate I might NOT have needed the new air-conditioner fourteen months ago. That was more than $1500.00. A $156.00 “stitch in time” (fifteen, sixteen, months ago) might have saved $1800.00?!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I am so grateful for handyman, Jim!! He is so good about repairs for all of us single old ladies. I do a lot of my own maintenance but some projects are “a guy thing.”  (For the record, Jim is not a CARE employee. His rate is far lower than the local RV repair shops. He stands behind his work. A year ago he did an outstanding roof repair and told me the roof was “original” [prior to his repair].  However, a couple of months after I purchased the trailer, leaking roof, and I paid almost $600.00 to the local RV repair shop. [Little or nothing done?!] All this verbage just to affirm the valuable of a man concerned about the welfare of folks at CARE.)