Bottle Bush

Bottle Bush out of the box

Branches spread

Bottles added to Bottle Bush


Bottle Bush with plain backgroundIt’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind?! Yesterday, a friend brought me several pretty bottles (yellow, blue, & green). Recently I purchased a pretty pink vase. However, the gift, and purchases, weren’t the thing that prompted me to set up the Bottle Bush. (I “thought” I ordered a Bottle “Tree). See that extremely heavy metal garden umbrella base? It has been “out of sight” in my tarp shelter. This morning, I recognized that I could use that as a secure base for the Bottle Bush. I had planned to buy a large bag of Quikrete¬†concrete (at Lowe’s) and prepare a heavy base (that would then reside in an attractive planter). Here’s another illustration where I’m using items on hand. (I turned a bed frame into a trellis, a chest-of-drawers into a trellis, etc., etc.)

Vinegar and olive oil containersAfterthought: You may have attractive bottles in your cupboard?! Here’s an example from my cupboard: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and Balsamic Vinegar (for my salads).

Project: Garden Tower

Day one: Thursday, Sept. 15, 2016.under-construction-sign


“Yours truly” wants to plant a winter garden. However, there are several things I need to accomplish before I put seeds in the soil. Over the months, the soil “settled” in my Garden Tower, and one ring considerably short of soil. Before adding soil, the compost tube needed to be emptied. Ideally, the compost would fall into the drawer at the bottom (after compost “tea” was saved, and screen removed between tube and drawer). The compost tube is packed solid so I removed “rings” (one at a time) and fished out compost. I continued to tamp the compost hoping it would fall into the drawer. No success. Then, in full sunshine, beastly hot so I was forced to abandon the project (until tomorrow morning).

Starting to clean compost tube

Pushing compost out the bottom

See the worms in my hand

See the worms in the container

Compost tube

Thermometer on wall


Worms covered with wet nightgownReady to cover the wormsThe worms will (hopefully) be cool and comfortable until I finish the project and return them to the compost tube.


Garden Tower in the sunshine

Temperature at ten indoors and outdoors


Day two: Friday, Sept. 16, 2016.under-construction-sign


Thermometer on storage building wall

Compost in drawer

No small task cleaning the tube

Clean compost tube

Hose water to settle soil

Punching to settle the soil


Day three: Saturday, Sept. 17, 2016.under-construction-sign


Temperature at seven

Day three

Water and tamping




Replacing the rings

Zip tie, ring, tube and soil

Soil returned to Garden Tower

Fresh organic soil will be added

Paper, cardboard and garbage for the tube

Paper and garbage in the tube

Sorting worms

See the worms in empty box

Empty box

Shredded paper from inside my trailer home

Shredded paper added

Temperature at ten

Temperature at two-thirty

Read Feel at three


Day four: Sunday, Sept. 18, 2016.under-construction-sign


Seventy-five at seven-twenty

Transferring soil

Added soil




Punching soil



Another bag of soil needed

Still seventy-five but out of soil


Day five: Monday, Sept. 19, 2016.under-construction-sign


Basket of seeds and gardening info

Soaking lettuce seed

Soaking Kale seeds

Organic fertilizer(s)


“Too soon old, too late smart.” I forgot to soak the lettuce seeds overnight. I could not locate Kale seeds (I “thought” I had a package)!! Other than a trip into Livingston, not much accomplished today. Purchased bulk Kale seeds at the farm store, and zip-ties at Walmart. (My compost tube is crooked so some longer ties required.) Several “impulse purchases” at Walmart: Organic additives for plants. They were drastically reduced because the Garden Shop is fast becoming a Christmas shop.


Day six: Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2016.under-construction-sign


Seventy-five at seven-twenty“The early bird catches the worm” can be reworded “The early gardener feeds the worm(s).” A lesson I learned from cleaning the compost tube. Chunky stuff doesn’t get eaten by the worms. Now I cut everything into smaller pieces and discard the solid core.


Ready to chop kitchen scraps

Ready for the worms

Ready to plant seeds

Please grow

Zip ties applied

No soil in top ring

From my kitchen window

fullscreen-capture-9202016-101921-am-bmpRegrettably, the rain only lasted about ten minutes. It just made the air hot and extremely humid.

Petition against Bayer / Monsanto merger



Web site with a petition against the merger of Bayer / Monsanto.

Another, similar, petition.

Another. statement and petition.

If you haven’t read news about this, the following, plus any research you perform will fill you in:
Why This Merger Would Be Bad For Anyone Who Eats
Thousands March Against GMO Giant Monsanto
Bayer and Monsanto: A Marriage Made in Hell
Bayer Courts Environmental Bogeyman
Anti-GMO Activists Are Horrified
The Frankenstein Merger
Bayer Expands Financing Group
Deal Back On The Table, Private Talks

Do you really want a global chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturer teaming up with Monsanto who is well-known for modifying the food you put on your table?

This is a grassroots fight for those who want to make change for global betterment. It’s an opportunity to make yourself be heard over the money jingling lobbyists prevalent throughout every government. It’s time big corporations listened to the people who purchase their products and help take care of our planet for future generations.

Nearly 500K sign petition opposing Bayer-Monsanto merger.

~ ~ ~ ~

Lorraine comment: Many more web links and I encourage the reader to check.

~ ~ ~ ~


Poor man’s stained glass !!

Swirls glass bottle for bottle tree

Red-pink vase for bottle tree


Perrier bottle and thrift shop vases for Bottle TreeOne of the CARE volunteers used his strength to removed the top on the “swirly” clear-glass bottle. We could not determine the contents but they quickly went into the trash. Several days ago I bought several vases at a local thrift shop. During mid-morning coffee and conversation, I mentioned my pending “Bottle Tree” and it sparked a lot of interest. I grabbed the opportunity to ask for assistance with the professionally securely sealed bottle. (See it far left.) Check my earlier blog message Impulse Purchase. “No, I haven’t set up the Bottle Tree.” For the two close-up pictures, I put them on a Shepherd’s Hook. “Yes,” that’s the same red-pink vase but it looks purple against a sky-blue background.

Texas Lilac Vitex

Texas Lilac Vitex information. More Texas Lilac information.

Texas LilacWhen I first read about “Texas Lilac,” I was intrigued and eager to add it to my yard. I checked Lowe’s numerous times but never found one. I asked questions of acquaintances ¬†in the adjacent RV Park (permanent residents with large landscaped lots), hoping to find someone who could give me a slip or volunteer plant. I resorted to ordering one via the Internet, from Nature Hills (in Omaha, Nebraska).


Texas Lilac arrived but package unopened

Texas Lilac package opened

Texas Lilac out of the box


Temperature at two It is 2:00 PM and my inclination is to rush outdoors and prepare to plant the Texas Lilac. However, it is much too hot and I’ll postpone the project.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Temporary location for Texas LilacPostscript, Sept. 16, 2016: Until I receive another extremely large container (free from the farm store), I’ll test this location. Will it get enough sunshine here? FYI: The Texas Lilac is in its original nursery container sitting inside the decorative planter.


Texas Lilac bloomPostscript, Tuesday, September 20, 2016: How exciting; a bloom on the Texas Lilac.