For sale: Great-grandfather of all T@Bs in America

Broken heart with bandageProcrastinate no more!!

I finally made the move to advertise my precious travel trailer for sale. Breaks my heart!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Selling my beloved 2004 T@B. It’s a “classic”; no modifications, all original. It has been my intention to donate it to the RV-MH Hall of Fame in Elkhart, Indiana. Frankly, I need money and the T@B is my only asset. Pictures can be seen on T@B Teardrop Trailer Travels. Specific interior view. From Germany, 360 degree view, and more.

Built in Germany in 2003 or 2004 and shipped to Dutchmen, in Indiana, as a prototype. It was “like new” when I purchased in 2009. Some weathering since… but well-loved and well maintained.

T@B Add-a-room, T@B awning, and large vehicle cover. Nature’s Head composting toilet. Every RV accessory you might want!! Ready to roll with everything you need: Sleeping bags, kitchen utensils, towels, etc.

For more information, please email me at

Breaks my heart to post this for sale message!! Getting old is a bummer!!!!! Oh, to be on-the-road again (occasionally) with my beloved T@B.

Lorraine Edwards
Livingston, Texas

What’s cookin’ ??

Preparing 15-bean soupSure smells good!!

It is 15-Bean Soup for the “Soup Fest” Sunday evening at the Activity Center at Escapees Rainbow’s End RV Park. That event is the Kick Off for one week of activities for the CARE Health Fair. I’ll try to keep you informed as events unfold.

Cook smelling food in pot“Soup Fest” is another fund-raiser for the CARE Center. It’s a very popular event. For $5.00, the attendee receives five styrofoam cups. They can enjoy a generous sample from over twenty selections. Those of us preparing… do so at our own expense: A labor of love. Last year I was “the new kid” (I didn’t know the drill). I took my contribution in the large kettle–only to learn that everyone had theirs in crock pots. A thoughtful lady went home for a crock pot and transferred my (likewise) 15-bean soup. (The event continues for over two hours.) At one semi-annual CARE “garage sale,” I bought the large crock pot and said “I may only use it once a year.” This is my first occasion to use it!!


What else is new?? We are in our second day of heavy rain. One rain gauge is full and overflowing; second gauge fell off post and is lying in the water. I am living (again) on the shore of “Lake Lorraine.”

Spring garden flag

Inch of water on my patio

March winds, April showers

Berm is OK

Probably over 2 inches

Rain gauge in the water

Back in placePostscript, Sunday, March 22, 2015, 8:07 AM: I just saw a TV-news weather report saying Livingston had 3.90 inches of rain yesterday.

Smiley face with only black eyes and black smaile


The calendar says “Spring”

Spring garden flags







An overcast morning, 74 degrees outdoors, at 11 o’clock. Very pleasant weather to work in the storage building at my RV site. I’m exhausted!! Oh, for another pair of hands–and arms!! One hopefully valuable swap: Heater for fan. Electricity is cheaper than propane so I’ve used the tower heater a lot this Winter.  I’ll need the tower oscillating fan soon (neighbors are already running their air-conditioners). ~~ Almost emptyDecisions, decisions!! I must get rid of a lot of things. Parting is difficult!! ~~ Yesterday, hours spent at the storage unit down the highway. I finished moving items from the large unit to a smaller unit. The real job starts soon: Major downsizing!!

More drama in my back yard !!

The storage unit, down the highway, was the focus of my attention today. Returning “home” mid-morning, I found a lot of activity in the field. True story: I nearly had a heart attack when I saw the man start to fell that big beautiful tree!! ~~ “Back yard” because it is beyond my “front yard.” 

Equipment in our narrow driveway

Tree trimming

Two pine tree limbs are gone

Pine branch clean up

The crew

Oh no don't kill that tree

There it goes


Clean up

Clean up (2)

Heavy-duty equipment

Broad picture

The big picture (2)

My yard and CARE Center

Tomato plant was injured

Tomato plant uprighted

Two limbs are gone

The crime scene

Tree is gone by Fred's trailer



(I’m a “tree hugger” at heart!!)

Ugly old stump

Plant stand

Trimmed tree stump

Divine Intervention ?!

Last night, did you watch the ABC 20/20 Special with Diane Sawyers? From an alternate source, I learned of the special. (I’ve loved, loved, loved The Sound of Music!! I made the Von Trapp Lodge a destination on my 2010 T@B teardrop trailer travels.) But I can rarely pick up television reception for ABC. Knowing the program would aire at 9 o’clock (Central time), I started clicking the rotator remote about 8:30. I diligently attempted to position the antenna so I could pick up the signal.  Futile!! ~~ Miraculously, at 9 o’clock, the program appeared perfectly on my TV screen. I viewed the entire program without a single glitch. ~~ Turned off the TV and went to bed. Up this morning and turned on the TV–still on ABC. No signal.

There is a 45th anniversary special edition of The Sound of Music with my collection of DVDs. I repeat that I love that movie!! I’m so happy that I was able to view the 20/20 Special last night: 

20/20 03/18/15: The Untold Story of ‘The Sound of Music’

Deep subject: Hole in the ground !!

Working in the storage unit (down the highway) was my planned activity for the day. However, a long-awaited helper became available so my focus was on “a hole in the ground.” I’m preparing for the yet-to-be-delivered (Internet purchase) Trumpet Vine. ~~ Enjoyed my breakfast “tea” while sitting on the patio. ~~ Puttered in the yard, pulling weeds, filling bird feeders, etc., until our delicious noon meal. Corned Beef, cabbage, potatoes, carrots, etc., and all the residents wearing green for St. Patrick’s Day. ~~ I’m preparing this blog between four and five PM and must confess that I am as tired as if I had dug that hole myself!! Well, I did “fill” the hole!! Pine cones in the very bottom for drainage, composted leaves and pine needles in the middle, last-year’s planter soil to ground level. I’ll use fresh planter soil in the planter around the Trumpet Vine. This should, hopefully, be a good start for the plant?! Why did I do it that way? I don’t know; it just seemed like “the right thing to do.” I’m counting on the vine to be a beautiful asset to my garden. Speaking of assets: I think the new (used/free) wind-sock is a nice addition. ~~  (I’ll remove the awful soil later.)

Time and temperature

Beautiful morning time and temperature

Last of 50# bag of birdseed

"Before" the project

Digging the hole

Measuring the depth

Awful soil

27 inches

Pine cones in bottom

Composted leaves

Water soaked planter soil

Cut hole in bottom of planter

"After" picture of project

New wind sock

Isn't he cute?

Time and temperature


Time and temperature

Drama in my back yard !!

How often have I published pictures of the lake that forms in the field during heavy rain?? Most recently, last week!! Here is a demonstration of how soft the ground is.

Fred's van in the field

Fred's parking space

Up to the axle

Bus to the rescue

Bus stuck up to the axle

Tractor to the rescue

#1 Neighbor’s van in the field (since Sunday afternoon)
#2 He usually parks in front of his trailer
#3 Stuck in the mud up to the axle
#4 CARE bus tried to pull him out
#5 Bus is stuck in mud up to the axle
#6 Tractor to the rescue

Hooking up a chain

Tractor starts pulling

Tractor tires were spinning

Pulling, tires spinning

Ruts from tractor

Ruts from bus

#7 Hooking a chain to the bus
#8 Tractor tugging the bus
#9 Tractor tires were spinning
#10 Tractor tires were spinning
#11 Ruts from the tractor
#12 Ruts from the bus

Ruts from the bus

Tractor tugging van

Van and bus on firm ground

Parked in his space

Caution cones

#13 Ruts from the bus
#14 Tractor tugging van
#15 Bus and van on solid ground
#16 Van back in its normal parking space
#17 Caution cones that had been out all week

He shouted "Get a shovel"

Filling the ruts

Cones at the other street

Cone at other entrance

Dirt in the ruts

Time and temperature

#18 He shouted “Get a shovel.”
#19 Filling ruts
#20 Cones were at the other street, too
#21 Cone at third point of entry
#22 Dirt in the ruts
#23 A beautiful morning, weather-wise.
Caution cones were set up last week to warn drivers not to enter the field.

Finger pointing!! OMG, all my fault !!

Postscript, 5:00 PM: I’m told the neighbor couldn’t pull into my yard to back up into his yard because I had the ladder and tarp* in that area.

Front of my space

Air drying the tarp

Dry and folded*But I had the tarp and ladder down early on Saturday afternoon.


Old age is such a bummer!!