Baby News !!

Eleven-forty AM and I just saw one of the recently fledged baby Bluebirds. “Mama Blue” came to the mealworm feeder and then flew to a nearby branch. “Junior” was sitting there and she fed him/her. I’m hoping the parents will bring the babies to the mealworm feeder soon.

Busy morning !!

Break time; lunch time (12:30). It has been a busy morning!! I started the “first time” project of storing items under the bed (winter things). A hot sweaty job (but somebody’s got to do it, LOL). It is 84.7 degrees inside the trailer and 96.8 degrees outside!! There are some swarming insects all over the screen door and side of the trailer. Some are inside and I keep swatting them off me. Even as the days have gotten warmer, I haven’t wanted to turn on the air-conditioner. Today may be the exception?! ~~ I didn’t want to embarrass myself by posting a picture of “before” I started the project; the bed was loaded with bedding, clothes, and “what do I do with this?”¬†stuff. ~~ While starting lunch, I saw Mama Chickadee fly out of the bird house so ran out and took a picture. I’ll monitor the nest for additional pictures because the babies sure look like Bluebirds.

It may be a busy afternoon–despite the heat. I plan to get the Black & Decker Weed Eater out of the box and “weed wack” the yard.

Under the bed


Baby Carolina Chickadees

Sweet relief !!

The storage building is crammed full of stuff. I don’t want to embarrass myself by posting a picture of the clutter piled in front of the electric fan. I persevered… and extricated the fan from the far back corner. It is oscillating in my kitchen area and cooling the living area. Sweet relief!! The thermometer hasn’t registered a cool down but my body has!! ~~ I’ve used some of my homemade insecticide on the flying nuisance but it does not seem to affect them. ~~ I’ll postpone “weed wacking.”

Homemade insecticide

Boxed fan

Fan out of box

Fan in the kitchen

Smiley face with fan

Weed wacking !!

The Black & Decker Weed Eater was calling my name. I assembled it in the shade. I “wacked” for a few minutes before retreating to the “fan”-conditioned trailer.

Black & Decker Weed Eater

Out of the box

Assembly required

Starting the job


Postscript/Confession: It’s 4:44 PM and I’ve folded up like a wet noodle! This heat has taken my energy and eagerness to complete a project.

Welcome to Texas?!