The birds….

Remember Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds”??  Well, to a lesser degree, today (this morning) I had flocks of birds in my backyard (and they were not violent).  We suddenly have cold weather (and rain last night) so there were several birds–at the same time–on each of the numerous feeders.  (I have a dozen  feeders dedicated for the birds and six feeders dedicated for the squirrels.)  Furthermore, it has been months since I had five or six squirrels in the yard at the same time.  Two squirrels on one bird feeder at the same time (which is strange because usually one squirrel will “bully” another squirrel away from a bird feeder or squirrel feeder).  Several squirrels seemed ravenous as they worked frantically at their feeders.  (IMHO: Better than television, or an old movie!!)

Little things make me happy !!

My illusive Bluebirds are back!!  That makes me happy!!  When there was excessive activity in my back yard, and the neighbor’s back yard, the Bluebirds disappeared.  I’ve continued to put mealworms in the feeder every day.  Yesterday, and this morning, lots of visits from “Papa Blue” and “Mama Blue” (my affectionate names for them).

Suddenly I have more birds and more squirrels than previously.  Perhaps a lot of their food natural sources have been depleted so they are delighted to feed at my many feeders?!

Yesterday, I bought a flat of Pansies and a large bag of planter soil.  They are in the planter just outside my patio doors.  The Begonias provided an attractive image for many months but, being annuals, they had lost their beauty.  I bid them farewell a couple of days ago and could not tolerate the starkness of that planter without flowers.

What a joy to sit down to my new laptop computer and prepare a message–without frustration!!  Pictures later (see postscript below); I haven’t retrieved my pictures yet from the backup.  Too many projects!?!?!?  (I’m getting two more “memory boxes” ready to send to two sons.  ~~  Yesterday, I delivered the fifteen shoeboxes to a nearby Operation Christmas Child collection center.  I’m preparing several more shoeboxes, and plan to work at the nearby collection center this next Saturday.  ~~  Furthermore: I’m working at downsizing!!!!  [How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.]  I’m downsizing “one bite at a time.” )

Postscript: I still haven’t gotten the Picasa pictures collection on this computer.  The attached pictures were still in my camera.

Panera feeding America

feeding america + panera bread
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Hello Lorraine  (Hello Lorraine’s blog readers),

Starting this November, Panera Bread® and the Panera Bread Foundation will be helping to provide Panera Soup to those in need across America.  Through Feeding America, participating member food banks will distribute over half a million servings of Panera Soup*, as well as receive locally-donated funds.

You can help! Your contributions to Panera Cares Community Breadboxes, found in participating bakery-cafes, could become a bowl of hot soup — and a helping hand to those in need.

— your friends at MyPanera®

* Panera Bread and our foundation will donate approximately 480,000 pounds of soup to provide approximately 717,000 cups of soup in Nov 2012. ** Coleman-Jensen, Alisha, Mark Nord, Margaret Andrews, and Steven Carlson. Household Food Security in the United States in 2011. ERR-141, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Economic Research Service, September 2012.


Those of you who have followed my blogs know I have a fondness for Panera.  During my Tab teardrop trailer travels in 2010, I searched for Panera so I could use their free WiFi (and enjoy their delicious, reasonably priced food).


Postscript: Preparing this blog was extremely routine.  I’m so glad I stopped battling Windows-8 and purchased a new laptop with Windows-7.


Today I returned the Windows-8 laptop to Sam’s Club.  I purchased the identical computer–with Windows-7–at BJ’s for $170. less than Sam’s!!  (BJ’s is a “big box” membership chain of stores in my part of the United States.)  It is 5:50 PM and this computer has been out of the box less than one hour.  I feel like I am in absolute control!!  I haven’t had a single second of problems moving around on this computer.  Praise the Lord!!  Expect more blog messages.

Sharing meaningful (to me) message with you

Declutter Fast Newsletter
How To Get Your Home In Order
Hello and welcome back to your Declutter Fast newsletter!

Clutter reminds me of that line from the wonderful movie “Hoosiers” which is one of the most popular sports movie of all time, for good reason:

“Look, Mister, there’s two kinds of “dumb”… a guy that gets naked and runs out in the snow and barks at the moon, and a guy who does the same thing IN MY LIVING ROOM… The first one don’t matter… the second one, you’re kind of forced to DEAL with.”

When the clutter is in YOUR living spaces, you’re forced to deal with it. You’re either looking at it, thinking about it, walking around it – or whittling it down. You are aware of the state of your home all the time, either consciously or subconsciously.

You’ve got clutter when things are piled on the horizontal surfaces of your home – that are not supposed to be there.

You’ve got clutter when things are piled on the floor, too! (That’s just one more horizontal surface – and a big one!)

It’s oh-so-tempting to pile things on those horizontal surfaces – tables, countertops, desk tops, tops of furniture!

Things can get piled there and stay there for literally months – sometimes even years.

Horizontal surfaces are your own personal clutter horror show. The good news is that there is only so much that you can actually put on any one table or desk or chair.

When you finally start venturing through your horizontal horror show, it can be a real trip down memory lane.

“Oh, so HERE are those keys I’ve been looking for!!”

But don’t get sidetracked by photographs or even that long overdue library book you have finally located…

Take each item and put it where it belongs. You don’t need to rush this job. Lots of things will get tossed out – and that means fewer things in your home!

Even if you take more than one day working on one horizontal surface, you are making significant progress.

It feels good! And remember to clean the item also – if it’s a wood surface, give it a wonderful polishing so it will shine.

You can even accomplish ALL your decluttering with this one project – because MOST of the clutter will be found on horizontal surfaces!

A few minutes a day really goes a long way. Remember, as long as you keep working toward the goal of decluttering, you WILL get there – it’s a “mathematical certainty.”

Every effort we make adds up.

Here’s to order in our lives!

With love,
Mimi Tanner
Author of Declutter Fast – How to Get Your Home In Order Almost Immediately!


Check my blog titled Two Thousand Minus Four!!


Postscript: This message prepared on the computer while at my volunteer assignment.  If prepared, at home, on my new laptop–with Windows 8–it would have required hours of struggle and frustration!!

My contribution to Operation Christmas Child

A tiny exaggeration **BUT ** it took almost as long to prepare this blog as time to construct the “shoe boxes” and fill with items I’ve collected all year.  There are school supplies, tooth paste & brush, bar of soap, comb, thongs, caps, jump ropes, jacks, balls, yo-yo, cars and stuffed toys.  ~~~  (I am very very frustrated with Windows-8!!!!!!!!!)









Earlier pictures of (1) the fourteen bags of purchases during my trip last month, and (2) the total collection.  ~~~  Visit the web site for Operation Christmas Child.

Pulling my hair out !!

I’ve been busy all day Friday, and Saturday, and just “took a break.”  Trying to accomplish anything and everything–on this laptop with Windows-8–is a major frustration!!  ~~  Yesterday (Friday) I moved seventeen boxes of health and nutrition books from the “storeroom” to the front porch.  My chiropractor stated (several months ago) he would take my library of holistic health books BUT can’t seem to fit me into his after-hours schedule.  (I’m beginning to think there is something wrong with this arrangement: I spend $5,000. plus time and gas but he can’t spend an hour [or two] to acquire the library that cost me several hundred dollars [or over a thousand dollars].)  ~~  I hadn’t wanted to lift those heavy boxes!!!!!   ~~  Now they are on the front porch (and an adjustment–or massage–would have felt good).  ~~~~  More info and pictures tomorrow?!  It took two hours to do this short blog!!