A picture is worth a thousand words…

according to Henrik Ibsen.

Over these many months, I have created a lot of “images.” I’ve found, in many cases, words alone do not satisfy my passion for accurate documentation.


Here I am, seven hours later!! I’m still trying to wade through very confusing family relationships. A well-seasoned avid genealogist cousin offered suggestions and I followed his… plus a few others. “No,” I haven’t found an answer.

Documenting two sets of parents

These images look so simple but I’m here to shout that it wasn’t “simple” to document the individuals. This is the “fruit” of three day’s labor. ~~ Only after I published… I saw my error with the third image. I had failed to mark the son and daughter as “adopted.” It illustrates that we need to be vigilant with every single piece of information.

Remember this ?

“Don’t leave home without it.”  I have to wave the fly swatter up and down to remove a spider web!! “Webs” are everywhere and the swatter is my sword and shield. The webs are almost invisible so we can’t avoid them. If entangled in one, I suddenly begin to itch all over. (I won’t do a Google search…) My neighbors have the same problem (but I’m the silly old lady waving a fly swatter).

Refrain Lorraine !!

Refrain: to avoid doing or stop yourself from doing something

Lorraine is a mess!! Television is boring; the Olympics hold no interest. Food preparation is nil; personal hygiene is neglected. I long for a good night’s sleep and it is elusive. I should “refrain” from hours (days) on the computer pursuing ancestry but it is my only escape from pain. The doctor said the tests indicate no health problems. She doesn’t want me using NSAIDs or sleep enhancers. True story: I wasn’t using prescription drugs; I used ZzzzQuill  and Aleve PM  sparingly. I’d sit too long at the computer and then take an Aleve for the pain. Ancestry.com is my opioid. How do I break the habit?

(This is my “journal” and I’m reporting the facts.)

Sleepless in Waco

Here is my reply to an email message. It was “sent” about 1:45 AM and I copied it for this blog message. Why? Why not??

Ron, I can’t sleep and I’m so tired!! Maybe three hours sleep but that is a stretch. That information about the Garst women is mine (from FF-KK. I think, or my Ancestry tree).  From my memory, David’s wife Elizabeth did marry a second time–to Leonard Houtz. It’s all in FF-KK.
Ron, as I look back to the late 1980s and early 1990s, it is nothing short of a miracle the way folks flooded me with Frantz-family information–and collateral lines. In 1987, I knew nothing about my ancestry. I published the three volumes, 3,180 pages, in 1996. More than 45,000 individuals. Everyone has source information.
Ron, you said you have been blessed with two families. I feel like I have been blessed with hundreds of families (thousands of families). I’d like to think “I got it right” in the book and I’m working hard to “get it right” in my Ancestry tree. There is so much misinformation in Ancestry family trees. If you read my blog you will see (and hear) me rail out at the careless documentation. Please draw my mistakes to my attention so I can (hopefully) correct them.
Best wishes from Lorraine

I’ll probably sit here (at the computer) and document more family.

Unusual research project

For two days, I have been struggling with research regarding individuals who were adopted.  That is as challenging as a Rubik cube. OMG!! Two consecutive generations… and this detective thinks she has them accurately documented.