Insane Lorraine (it rhymes)

“Best laid plans of mice and men” (yada, yada, yada). I was planning to shred “stuff” with names and addresses; I was going to box things up and send them to the Brethren Heritage Center. “No, I have to add this information to my Ancestry database.” So I hauled a lot more “stuff” into my trailer home!! At this rate (slow), I won’t make progress with my downsizing?!


Postscript at 4:15 PM: Time for an Aleve!!

Bit off more than I can chew ?!

Obviously, I had to wait for nice weather. Now it is “sweating hot” in the carport and storage. I rarely perspire but “perspire”  was profuse!! ~~ In good conscience, I cannot leave that stuff for my executor to dispose of.


<< The right side of storage and the left side of storage. >>



I had to stop; I needed an Aleve!! “Bit off more than I can chew”; “too much on my plate”?

Chad Walker Memorial Service

Groesbeck, Texas, Wednesday morning from ten o’clock until mid-afternoon. PRAISE THE LORD, national TV programming was ignored in preference for the Memorial Service for thirty-eight-year-old Trooper Chad Walker. Law enforcement officers from across the Nation are here to pay their respects. An estimated four thousand individuals in attendance.

The solemn parade of law enforcement vehicles continues as I publish this message (at 12:55 PM). The TV commentator said the vehicles are “miles long.”  (Later: TV reporter said eight-hundred-plus vehicles.) I hope to find a video (later) of the extremely beautiful message (eulogy) by Chad Walker’s pastor.

My praise and “thank you”  to the local Waco CBS-TV station. The other networks continued their regular programming.



Blood Done Sign My Name

Strangely, Blood Done Sign My Name came to mind so I thought it was a hint to share it with my readers. I was an “extra” in the movie. I met the author and his father. It was a unique experience–on a movie set. (I’ve had many unique experiences in my lifetime. A lady-friend has suggested I write my autobiography.) I was living in Shelby, North Carolina, at the time and Shelby’s “downtown” area is old-fashioned and an appropriate setting.