Hummingbird at my feeder !!

“The old lady”  was reclining in her comfortable “glider.” She didn’t have an ounce of energy!! Miraculously, the “second wind” surged through her aching body. Clearly visible, a Hummingbird was at the feeder!! There was a dash to the computer to record the sighting on the Hummingbird Migration Map.

“Broke” time ?

Twelve-thirty as I start this message. It is long past “break” time so it must be “broke” time? I’m reheating rice and beans for lunch. I really crave “comfort food” but I do not plan to grocery shop or pick up “drive-thru.” I moved several heavy crates (books) but limited my morning activities to less strenuous stuff.


The owner/manager of this RV Park gave permission for me to take cement blocks from a stack in the maintenance area. So I hauled blocks with my handy-dandy hand-truck. I’m putting blocks under boxes, and crates, so they aren’t sitting on the concrete floor (in case we have standing water).


Wishing for a Dr. Pepper Root Beer !!

“The old lady”  is so thirsty for a cold beverage. **If** things were “back to normal,” I might seek out a fast-food establishment and order french fries and a drink!! Dr. Pepper is my favorite soft drink and I plan to visit the Dr. Pepper Museum when “things get back to normal.” (The Museum is here in Waco, Texas.) ~~~ With sunshine and warm weather, it is time for me to make “sun tea.”



During the past three months, mice made a home in boxes of books. Furthermore, things drew dampness and have mold on them. The Blue Ray DVD player may end up in the dumpster.  ~~ I found a nice supply of hand sanitizer in my “emergency preparedness” items.

Too many ghosts ?!

A first-cousin was in touch with me and it prompted me to open the black trunk given to me by my grandfather John Arthur Showalter. It hasn’t been opened for more than twenty years. When I started looking at pictures I had the thought “Too many ghosts.”  I don’t know why… but I can’t lie. I used my Canon camera to take pictures of the pictures. The pictures would be better if “scanned.” I am now challenged to go through albums and scan pictures to be uploaded to Ancestry. I need to be four people!!


Being Prepared

Remember the Boy Scouts motto “Be prepared”? When I lived in California, I had  items labeled “earthquake preparedness.”  When I lived in Livingston, Texas, I purchased a food supply for tornado or hurricane preparedness. Nowin Waco, TexasI am “prepared” if the Coronavirus pandemic drags from weeks to months.

Confession !!

The earlier blog messages were prepared before seven AM. The only requirement: Upload the pictures to the preprepared message. ~~~~ It’s 1:35 PM and I am exhausted (extremely beyond exhausted). I know my limits; I do not have a lot of strength and energy. I  planned to hire a helper but everyone is respecting the mandate to “keep our distance.” I found several things I was searching for but did not locate “soft soap.”