Internet searches

Remember how much time I used to spend “climbing the family tree” ? Now I spend time searching the world-wide-web (WWW) for (1) RV Parks, (2) retirement homes [independent living], and (3) apartments. OMG!! The prices are enough to give an old lady a heart attack!!

Peculiarity ?

Fourteen blog messages already prepared and scheduled for late November and December. Why? As mentioned earlier, I’m bone-weary and I have aches and pains. Too much heavy lifting; too many hours with the leaf blower. On Sunday (yesterday), I listened to—and watched—TV church messages while searching for clip-art and creating generic blog messages. For two reasons, it was (1) relaxing to sit at the computer and (2) focus on the project masked the fatigue and pain.


One preacher got my attention when he identified a problem in my life. Slothful.” I identified with the preacher’s message (but have a problem with dictionary definitions and the above weblink). I’m guilty of “All the unfinished projects”  (downsizing) but don’t think I’m lazy. Never-the-less, I am challenged to evaluate my daily life.

James 5:16 KJV

Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.


Bone weary !!

Yesterday and today, physically exhausted and too tired to prepare a meal. All those wonderful salad veggies (purchased on Monday) but no energy!! More outdoor projects await my time (and waning energy) because so many things need attention while the weather is pleasant. Brief break time?! ~~ I’ve emptied another spray can of black paint. Buy more?


Little things mean a lot !!

A sixth cousin contacted me today (via email). It “made my day” because,  otherwise, a “no gratification workday”!! Four hours of sleep last night and six hours outdoors working on projects. It has been an absolutely gorgeous day!! Because perfect weather, I kept pushing myself to get things done. I lost count of the number of items I spray painted black. All morning on one load of laundry because the washing machine wouldn’t finish after “unbalanced load.”  I rearranged the clothes but the old washing machine was temperamental. I had to start over two more times.


Remember? Three years ago, a Christmas “bottle tree” created from one chrome display rack.


The view from my windows–and my computer.

Time to go grocery shopping ?!

Old mother Hubbard went to the cupboard…

The weather is pleasant so “the old lady”  can drive into Livingston for groceries.


Well, the cupboard and refrigerator are full!! One-hundred-seventy-one dollars spent on good wholesome food. I love Fritos but “no Fritos.” I love cookies and candy but refrained from purchasing them. GOOD STUFF, fruit and veggies.