Cluttered brain ?!

This image was displayed in an earlier message about “Too busy to blog.” Well, I thought I’d create a “short cut” by creating photo “albums.” Via a circuitous route, I discovered the links to albums took the reader directly into my computer. My brain is so cluttered right now, I don’t know how to immediately correct the problem–so I deleted the link(s). I’ll have an inspirational thought soon and clearly see how to give each album their unique hyperlink. Meanwhile, bear with the old lady with (conservatively) one hundred things vying for attention.

Yard work !!

Check this album for pictures of yesterday’s activities


“My site” has been vacant for several years.  Neighbors tell me the owner of  items on this site has discussed “yard sale”  for two-and-one-half years. Specifically, he could have accomplished… October, November, or December (before my arrival December 21). He was encouraged to supervise transfer of items to his site (“on my dime”) but he ignored the activity in “my yard” and refused to answer the door yesterday. I have permission from owners of this property to move his stuff…. He will be furious!! He may vandalize my vehicles?? Previously, he shouted, and cursed, at me (two separate occasions) and threatened to “destroy” my cargo trailer. Not a nice neighbor!