In my dreams…

… I see my garden and home in House Beautiful.

In reality–wide awake–I see clutter. A CARE resident/friend sent me the picture.

Pulling hair outAmazing feelingLast night I unloaded a trunk (recently in the storage building). Decision time: Where do I put a dozen purses, hats, and off-season Winter clothing?? True story: I don’t have closet space for my casual wardrobe!!

Will it rain ??

Dark cloud and sunshineMaybe “yes,” maybe “no.” It’s cloudy and I’m praying for rain!! Everything that could be damaged by rain is now indoors. This morning I moved two apple boxes full of heavy books into my big trailer (from the picnic table). They are “health” books–the remnant that I saved before donating seventeen boxes of health and nutrition books to my chiropractor (in North Carolina). Where will I put these books?? I strongly suspect they will be donated to a local thrift shop (or the CARE library). But I’ll lovingly handle each book before I send it away. I’m that way, you know?! Even the water-damaged pictures were fondly remembered before they went to the dumpster.

Rain: Wishful thinking on my part! The weather forecasters say no relief until next Thursday. Today, we’re told, it will reach 99 degrees and “feel like 107 degrees.”

Time and temperature

Time and temperature

Feels like 107 degrees

Wishful thinking

Friday, fry-day !!

Humidity is back with a vengeance!!

I was forced to stop at 10:46. It’s 11:30 and I’ve uploaded pictures after a refreshing shower. The storage building needs additional rearranging but things are “under cover” or hauled away to the commercial trash bin.

Time and temperature

Picture of Jesus

Picture of roses

Two framed pictures

Clutter is gone

Yesterday's clutter

Time and temperature


12:56 time and temperature

6:08 time and temperature


Summer heat

35,000 words true story !!

“A picture is worth a thousand words”  is a well-worn old expression.

Early start

Too much stuff

Total confusion

Time and temperature

Water damage (1)

Water damage (2)

Mildew or mold at bottom of picture

Removing items from storage (1)

Removing items from storage (2)

Fewer items

Three heaters

Removing items from storage (3)

Moving shelves inside storage

Shelves inside storage

Opened shelves inside storage

Two shelving units

Lemonade & water for the youth

Time and temperature

My helpers

Temperature inside storage

Elbert trimming tree growth

He trimmed; I loaded

The stump will be removed

Temperature inside storage

Working inside the storage building

Suitcases full of picture albums

Best clothes in garment bag

Second garment bag

Time and temperature

Temperature inside storage

Time and temperature

Time and temperature

Enjoying the lemonade


Take-out lunch

Aching backGratefully, we did not have high humidity today. By noon, I could no longer work in the storage building. With the exception of three young men who lifted several heavy boxes, I moved everything out and will move everything in. Actually, contents of many boxes, still in the yard, will be scrutinized and items donated to local charities. It’s 4:15 and uploading pictures and preparing this blog is the most strenuous work I’ll do during the remainder of this day!! I’m exhausted!! ~~ Click each picture to enlarge for better viewing.

Very good Tuesday morning !!

Sadly, no Tuesday Morning store anywhere within my driving distance. I have loved to shop there for bargains. My Tuesday morning was exceptionally pleasant. No humidity so delightful to work in the yard. I almost can’t believe how much was accomplished. Picture #3: I wasn’t happy with a small cement block under each base. (Everything needs a very study base because a mole has tunnels all over my yard.) Big paving blocks were available and a good idea (IMHO). I will level and straighten another day. ~~ The weather was ideal for more yard work but my energy was depleted. ~~ In my mind’s-eye, I can see a camouflage tarp spread between the two high bars to create a Winter shelter for my perennial plants. Too early to execute that part of the plan.

Three strong men moved the table

Time and temperature

Just as planned

37 pound blocks

Later, I'll level

Time and temperature

Moved the wind chimes

Trimmed dead limbs

Wind chimes

Looking good

Time and temperature

Smiley face two thumbs up

If worth doing…

… do it well!!

You’ve heard me say it before: “I just couldn’t stop.” I thought I was stopping at 8:36 but was back in the yard moments later. First, I sanded off the rust; second, I applied Goo Gone to eliminate sticky residue from Duct tape. Now (11:15) I’m waiting for paint to dry!! Actually, “first” was time spent with the blocks that will stabilize the picnic table.

Preparing to sand

Preparing to sand (2)

Time and temperature

Goo Gone

Getting ready to spray paint

Spray painting the pipe

Short pipe for spray paint

View across the field

Time and temperature

Lost and found

Spraying the corners (1)

Spraying the corners (2)

Bottoms too

Upright pipes

Time and temperature


Feels like 111 degrees!!!

Beastly hot sun

Same old news !!

Base for picnic table

Time and temperature

Temperature extremeThe heat and humidity drove me indoors at 8:30. I was sweating profusely while working to level cement blocks to stabilize the picnic table. This precedes my proposed shelter for perennial plants–when we experience freezing temperatures next Winter. (Remember, I’m playing a “mind game” as I “think cool.”)

Early morning news, TV weatherman said “warm and muggy this morning; hot and steamy today; dangerous heat….”

On my “wish list” !!

For my garden.

The one in the middle is my absolute favorite: Saint Francis of Assisi is holding a Bluebird. (I searched for garden sculptures on the Internet. Naturally, the one I prefer cannot be found “on sale.”)

Saint Francis on his knees

Saint Francis looking toward Heaven

Saint Francis with bird feeder


FYI: This is how I fritter away the hours–inside, in the air-conditioned trailer.

My favorite–on eBay– and I ​ was​ on the watch list. ​  ~~~ $120. with free shipping​ ~~~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Saint Francis with the Bluebird. Another (below); which has best price? ​  ~~~ $81.85 total including shipping. ~~~​

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Another of my favorite. Which has the best price? ~~~ ​ This is $99. plus $19.shipping ~~~​

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

After a lot of searching… I really like this one: ​ This is best price!! $70. plus $9.60 shipping​   ~~~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Postscript: Updating this message at 2:45 PM. Depending on which thermometer I read, it is 101 degrees or 98 degrees. It feels like a sauna!!!!!!