More Bluebird pictures.

Baby Bluebird

Mama & Papa Bluebird

Papa Blue just fed the baby Bluebird.

More BLURRED Bluebird pictures.  By now, you know I’m obsessed with my Bluebirds!!  The other day I placed a step-ladder next to the Bluebird house, climbed the ladder, and cautiously opened the door.  I took that picture with my faithful old Samsung camera.  Well, all the pictures are with the faithful Samsung but the last picture is the image from the Hawk Eye Cam.  I had just delivered mealworms to the feeder (picture two) and Papa Blue had just delivered mealworms to the baby in the nest (picture three).  From the amount of feathers, I speculate it won’t be long until it leaves the nest.

I tentatively planned to take my T@B travel trailer out for the weekend.  I thought I wanted to enjoy gospel singing at “Singing on the Mountain” near Grandfather Mountain, North Carolina.  **BUT** I don’t want to be away when the baby/babies fledge.  From the books I’ve read and the information gleaned from the Internet, I know that Mama Bluebird starts a new nest immediately after the babies “fly the nest.”  The proprietor (me) needs to immediately empty and clean the bird house.  From experience (last summer) I know Mama started a nest in another bird house.  I passionately desire another Bluebird family this season–where I can observe them!! With a little bit of luck I should be able to get the camera focused so I have clear images of the life cycle in the nest.  (Would you agree that abandoning a relaxing weekend trip to monitor a bird house is bizarre?  I can’t help it; I love my Bluebirds!!)

Turmeric for dementia symptoms

Just found this web site: I’m going to check the health food store for Turmeric in capsule form.  Lately I have been so frustrated because my “recall” is too slow!!  I once heard the saying: “There isn’t anything wrong with our memory; it’s our recall that is slipping.” I’ve always had (IMHO) a good memory and this failure to recall is embarrassing!!  Yesterday, for the life of me, I couldn’t remember the word “imitation.”  There is another saying: “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”  I was telling a new acquaintance that a visitor to the area behind our apartments was impressed with our plants and flowers, and landscaping.  She wished the view behind her apartment was as impressive as ours!!  Originally, I was the only one that worked on a backyard garden.  Now several neighbors have created their own… with their choice of plants.  Recently my immediate next-door neighbor planted a tomato plant and two pepper plants.  Just prior to that, a rose-bush.  Furthermore, many other plants  in hanging baskets and in-the-ground this Spring.  She frequently tells me that I am her inspiration.  ~~  Well, I digressed.

I’ve searched the web for additional links and I list them here.

Alzheimer’s isn’t the only condition that might be affected by the brightly-colored spice: “Curcumin has been proven to be an extraordinarily potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound. These properties make it effective for cancer (prevention and treatment), arthritis, liver disease, irritable bowel syndrome, depression, and many other health issues — all demonstrated in clinical studies,” says Lemerond.
To boost the efficacy of the curcumin compound, some studies show that it should be ingested with Vitamin D supplements. The two substances then work together to stimulate a type of immune cell that can “clean up” the beta amyloid more quickly and thoroughly.


However, I like this link best:

More later.

Postscript, Thurs., June 20, 2013, 6:30 PM: I just ordered Turmeric from this company.

Postscript, Tues., July 16, 2013, 5:00 PM: I’m faithfully using turmeric.  Just read this; here is another suggestion.

Exciting news !!

Hungry baby BluebirdI didn’t capture the image but I’m inclined to believe there are now two baby Bluebirds in the nest. That is a wide-open mouth begging for food. I’m grateful for fuzzy images!! The investment in the Hawk Eye Nature Cam (camera) wasn’t a total loss.

FYI: While doing other tasks inside and outside, the TV is “on” with the continuing image of activity in the nest.  My faithful little Samsung camera is nearby so I can (perhaps) capture a picture.  I’m constantly running through the apartment for a tool–or to put things away. Today the temperature will soar to ninety degrees so I have been watering in my yards, and neighboring yards (vacationers), since 8 o’clock.  It’s time to think about brunch and get ready to go to work.

Two new….

Raining hard !!

Two newly transplanted plants.

Chair with VineThis morning, another needed bag of planter soil prompted a trip to Lancaster, South Carolina. First stop: Goodwill–but I deemed any items I might like as “too expensive.” Then to Home Depot for soil. Later: Christian Services Thrift Shop. Nothing for me there either. However, near the dumpster, with a pile of trash (mattresses, etc.), I spotted a chair to use as a plant stand.  I hadn’t been home ten minutes until the soaking-wet upholstered cushion was off the chair and I was testing for the right size planter for the seat (from my previously purchased selection).  The third (of four) Sweet Potato Vine was quickly transplanted.

Extremely hard rain drove me indoors for about an hour.  During a lull, I inserted a Coco liner in a wrought-metal hanging basket and prepared planter soil.  Petunias were still being transplanted (from small nursery containers) when a clap of thunder and a cloud-burst forced me indoors again.  “Third times a charm” (so they say) and I finished that task before the now continuing rain (4:45).  Honestly, I’m quite wet as I sit here preparing this message.  Feels good on a hot humid 80 degree day!!  ~~  Gratefully, the fourth Sweet Potato Vine should be my last transplant.  It’s a relief to have that project behind me.  IMHO, the newly transplanted are blessed to have plenty of fresh soil and a healthy rain!!

Planter soil the only major expense today.

Gardenia bush

ClematisIf Mother Nature doesn’t water our plants, I water my next-door neighbor’s Gardenia bush.  I love to pick Gardenia blooms and have them in the apartment.  They smell gorgeous!!  ~~ The first two Clematis blooms on the plant designed to climb on a handrail in my front yard.  ~~ Flowers, flowers, everywhere!!  I love them!!

Footnote at 8:00 PM: The rain stopped and I went outdoors to clean up after earlier planting, and put things away. I discovered the first Phlox, and first Bonfire Salvia. (Although when I went on-line for a link, I began to question whether I have Phlox–due to large variety. And I learned Hummingbirds are not attracted to Bonfire Salvia.) In my backyard, there are lots of Scarlet Runner Beans and I can’t imagine how they went from bloom to five-&-one-half inches almost overnight.


Bonfire Salvia

Scarlet Runner Bean

Scarlet Runner Bean

Like Topsy, it just grew !!

Backyard garden, left side.

Backyard garden, left side, closeup.I never intended for my backyard garden to  have so many planters!! But, like Topsy, it just grew!!  (Well, if I were true to the description on the web, my garden would be less defined.  I was [and am] involved in each stage of growth.)  I thought that was (and is) a “catchy” title for a blog.  Indulge me?!

Backyard garden, right side.

Backyard garden, right side, closeup.

The unplanned plants, and planters, were prompted after the purchase of ten hanging baskets on May 4th.  If you’ve followed my blogs, you know the plants–although extremely attractive–were root-bound and required constant watering.  Most of the plants have been transplanted (into planters) and reside in Pandora’s Garden” in front of my apartment.  However some, like the Fuchsia, are on the backyard patio where they have more shade.

My container gardenBackyard garden, left side, closeup.Click on each picture to enlarge for better viewing (so you can see the flowers).  True to my original plan, Hummingbirds are enjoying the blooms. ~~ Talk about “growing,” compare the picture taken less than four weeks ago with one taken today. The “unknown” were/are tomato plants.  Isn’t this remarkable??

Tomato plantsPostscript in response to first comment: Feast your eyes on my beautiful tomato plants.

In the beginning…

View from inside my apartment

Nasturtiums in hanging basketsThe wide variety of planters in the backyard follow this original creation. Read about Building the Masterpiece. This year, I exclusively have Nasturtiums in the cone-shape hanging baskets; Begonias in the base planter. Second year Calibrachoa (Miracle Bells) in planter lower left. Honeysuckle directly behind Calibrachoa.

Superfluous information: That’s a $37. recycled-plastic made-in-America Bluebird house. In the beginning, I was totally ignorant regarding Bluebirds. Concerned about our environment, I believed “recycled-plastic” was a good purchase. Hear ye, hear ye, Bluebirds don’t adopt plastic birdhouses!!  In fact, not a single bird has taken residence the last two seasons. That bird house is an expensive decoration. All the original purchases (January 2012) are long-gone (except plastic)!! FYI: A bluebird house made of cedar wood, with adequate ventilation, for as little as $10. is a good start.  ~~  Retail stores selling items regarding backyard birds don’t always volunteer helpful information. I’ve learned **valuable** information by searching the Internet.

Babies in the backyard !!

Baby BluebirdsA blurred image (on my TV) but I can determine at least one baby Bluebird in the nest. I see movement and hear peeps.  Because of one or more babies, I have made no effort to continue adjustment of the camera. My viewing pleasure is not worth risking the life of Bluebirds.

Cottontail rabbit babyAnother “baby” in my backyard: Tiny cottontail rabbit.  “Peter” (or “Beatrice”) isn’t much bigger than a coffee mug!!  S/he is at the edge of my patio almost every evening.

Andrea’s visit !!

The garden beckons!!  Even when it is raining I’m drawn to work in the front or back yard.  Because I still have plants that need to go from nursery container to a large planter, I worked at the corner of my patio.  Tropical storm “Andrea” is dumping heavy rain on us.  It is really quite pleasant, weather-wise, and I want transplanted plants to benefit from Miracle Gro soil and rain water.  Red petunias are now in the urn.  Yesterday I transplanted marigolds and zinnias to the planter below the Bluebird house.  



Petunias in new planter.

Heavy rain !!

Note the new blooms on earlier plantings: Asian Lily, Bachelor Button and Mandavilla. Sweet Potato Vines are thriving!! Squirrel is enjoying a drink of water from one of the fountains.

Asian Lily (I think)

Bachelor Button (I think)


Sweet Potato Vine doing very well !!

Squirrel at the fountain

Pictures of the fire near Lake Hughes, California

A good source of information (the World Wide Web) when living over 3,000 miles away.  There are limited news broadcasts–in North Carolina–regarding the fire near Lake Hughes, California.  I know the area quite well because, for over forty years, I lived less than twenty-five miles away.  I have friends there.

More information; maybe some of the same pictures.

A Google map of the areaWow, that is an awesome  map!!  I’m impressed… because I didn’t realize (when I copied) how large an area would be depicted by Google.


Postscript, Friday, June 7, 2013: I spoke with my friends yesterday and was grateful to hear that their home was spared.  Blackened forest all around but no damage to the house.  There is good news, bad news regarding The Painted Turtle.  Read the article.

Tornadoes, hurricanes, drenching rain(s), and flooding in many areas while fires destroy homes and acreage in California, Colorado and New Mexico.  As I write this postscript, North Carolina (and other areas) is experiencing heavy rain from tropical storm Andrea.