Add color to your life !!


The theme for the Good Sam Samboree was “It’s a Zoo.” Weeks of preparation went into costume creation. Hours of effort preceded this picture as we grew a forest and corralled the “animals.”  We won First Place in the competition.  Sadly, only two days later, we lost our Panda.  ~~  We don’t know–from week to week–whether we are guaranteed another sunrise or sunset.  Love your neighbors!!  Hug your kids!! ~~ Click the picture to enlarge for greater detail.

(More pictures of this event to follow.  I don’t have enough hands to work on all the numerous projects: Travel things to put away, laundry to do, patio to sweep, tracked-in bird seed to vacuum up, flower seeds to start for my backyard garden, etc. I’m still in “slow gear” from my accident.  Praise God, I have this moment to thank and glorify Him!!)

First things first !!

I parked the KIA, grabbed my coat and purse, and entered my apartment about 10:38.  I dropped the coat and purse and went out the patio door to survey my backyard.  Black oil sunflower seeds, and miscellaneous bird seed, litter the cement just outside the door.  I haven’t swept it up yet.  “First things first!!”  I started filling the empty bird feeders, and squirrel feeders.  Just this very minute (3:09 PM) I saw the first squirrel, and the first bird.  It took four hours for them to discover “the golden corral” was serving food again.  3:12 and I saw the first Cardinal.  Soon my feathered friends will be back to entertain me?! ~~ Also watered the plants I shuffle from indoors to outdoors (weather permitting). Also fresh water in the tub for deer, raccoon, possum, squirrels and birds. Note the half-inch of ice on the tub of water.  ~~  Oh yes, I reconstituted lots of mealworms for the Bluebirds.

Home again.

Bird seed on the patio.

Squirrels chewed hole in plastic.

Ice on bird bath.

Ice on bird bath.

Empty bird feeders.

Empty bird feeders.

Empty squirrel feeders.

Filling feeders.

Filling feeders.

The squirrels can't get from this one!!

Filling bird feeders.

Black oil sunflower seeds.

Up the ladder to hang the feeders.

Tomato plant.

Black oil sunflower seeds.

Come and get it.

Squirrel food.

Ice on tub.

One-half inch of ice.

One-half inch of ice.

Lorraine is a WIMP !!

Lorraine has a very low tolerance for cold weather!! Cold temperatures, and strong winds, robbed the campers of an enjoyable Samboree. Fortunately, we could gather in large rigs for meals, and fellowship. Gratefully, we had electricity so I could keep warm using a small ceramic heater. Considering the weather, and my recent accident, I opted to head for North Carolina rather than visit friends at Orlando, and friends near Naples.

Because of cold and wind, I had no desire to visit Savannah, or Charleston. The Congaree National Park was a possible sightseeing destination. However, I was too late for the Visitor’s Center and they do not have camping. So I asked my GPS for the nearest Walmart–and was directed to Sumter, SC. As I shifted things inside the trailer, I glanced out the window to see an 18-wheeler backing up and might have struck the T@B if I had not run out waving my arms and shouting “Hey, hey, hey!!” I promptly moved to a safer location with a cart corral on one side and an “island” on the other.

Because it was so-o-o-o cold, I put a sleeping bag inside a sleeping bag, with a blanket on top. I slept in sweat pants and sweat shirt with hoodie pulled over my head. Well, I “slept” very little!! I was an icicle!! During the seemingly endless hours until dawn, I actually counted my blessings (rather than counting sheep). I have a comfortable little trailer; I have more amenities than I need. There are people sleeping on park benches, under bridges, etc., with so few luxuries. Lorraine is a “WIMP” but hopes this message isn’t interpreted as complaining.

Frost on windshield.

Smiley face in the frost.

Tressa & Lorraine

Get Away Sams are making their get away!

Ready to depart.

Official entrance to Samboree site.

My tiny rig at a rest stop.

The pause that refreshes.

One of seven gas stations.

Truck almost hit my trailer.

At Walmart.

Freezing temperatures.

Freezing temperatures.

Ready to leave Walmart.

Breakfast at Burger King.

Back in North Carolina.

North Carolina sign.

Back in JAARS RV Park.

Two week trip has ended.

Home again.

Happy Birthday from Qdoba

Happy Birthday from Qdoba

Retailers never miss a trick!!  Have you enjoyed the food at Qdoba? There are many items prepared for vegetarians.  I love their “Naked Taco Salad.”  It has all the familiar ingredients–without the deep-fried tortilla shell.  Yum yum!!

Furthermore: The salesman that sold me the 2006 KIA–in December 2007–called with best wishes!! No cards or phone calls from family!!

I Love Panera !!

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