Watch this dancing dog–you’ll be amazed !!

Watch This Dancing Dog–You’ll Be Amazed !!

It is another cold, cloudy, rainy day.  I was very briefly in my backyard to fill the squirrel feeders, and add mealworms to the Bluebird feeder.  ~~  I’ve spent the better part of the day on the computer.  ~~  I really enjoyed this video.  Please watch.  (Wouldn’t it be nice if I could train the squirrels to stay off the bird feeders?)

Freezing temperature predicted for tonight.  I’ll need to cover some plants (in large planters), and the Honeysuckle, and bring numerous others indoors.

Encouragement !!


I have a small flip chart with a brief message for each day of the year.  It is The Grace of Encouragement, Daily thoughts to encourage and uplift you!, by Charles R. Swindoll.  For January 15th, from his book Growing Strong in the Seasons of Life, pp.378-379:

Why do we need a refuge?  Because we are in distress and sorrow accompanies us.  Because we are sinful and guilt accuses us. Because we are surrounded by adversaries and misunderstanding assaults us.  

The scripture reference: God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.  Psalm 46:1 KJV.

(My backyard is my refuge.)

Dawn of a new day !!

Dawn of a new day–and a new week!!

What a difference a few hours make?!

Dawn of a new day

The BIG story on TV news is the unseasonable weather all over the nation.  Warm in the East, cold in the Southwest, etc.  In North Carolina, the temperature is dropping and the weatherman predicts one-and-one-half inches of rain within the next forty-eight hours.  Rain is expected during the entire week.  It’s a fact: We won’t see 70 degrees again for quite a while!!  ~~  I’m forced to return to indoor projects like “downsizing.”  But, in my humble opinion, my backyard is attractive and a joy for this old lady!!

I recycle !!

Unique "trellis."

Extention pipe original location.

Threaded pipe.

Topsy-Turvy hangers

A-frame plant hangers.I get a sense of satisfaction when I recycle unique things into serviceable items.  The “dog fence” became a trellis.  (Well, it will be a trellis when Sweet Peas climb on it next Spring and Summer.)  Yesterday I was able to use the unused threaded pipe, from the dog fence, as an extension between the two A-frame plant hangers.  Furthermore, the actual plant “hangers” were salvaged from last years totally worn out Topsy-Turvy upside-down planters.  See the identical on the new Topsy-Turvy upside-down tomato planter.  ~~  Remember, I recycled baby-bed-springs for another trellis?!  ~~  So you see I’m not limited to rescued plants, or remodeled satellite dishes.  I save coffee grounds from my office (for the garden).

It was a cloudy day, with a modest half-inch of rain.  The temperature reached 70 degrees.  (Tomorrow: only 60 degrees–with abundant rain.) It was pleasant in the yard this afternoon as I sprinkled grass seed and covered it with planter soil (the last of the seed).  It is a mystery to me why I didn’t plant the area near the Bluebird house when I planted grass seed directly outside my patio doors. There’s an old saying Too soon old, too late smart.”

Eyes bigger than my stomach ??

No, but my project was bigger than my stamina!!  

I spent hours in the backyard because exceptionally nice–unseasonable–weather.  High of seventy-three degrees yesterday (Saturday) and seventy-five degrees today!!  I added several more home-made “air bottom” to several planters.  I rearranged, and leveled, planters.  I went to a compost pile here at Waxhaw Creek Apartments, and filled pails with compost.  Then compost into the bottom of planters.  In the Spring, I’ll finish filling with organic planter soil and add plants or seeds.  ~~  I cleaned clutter away from the area behind the storage room.  ~~  The A-frame galvanized pipe gizmo was for advertising signs when I sold health items at fairs and/or flea markets.  Now I have pails, with rescued plants, hanging from the A-frames.  I put them in the front yard because **obviously** no place for them in the backyard!!  ~~  I almost named this blog: SPCP.  That stands for Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Plants.  So many of my plants were discarded by other residents.  The gardener brings them to me so I can nurse them back to health or, at my discretion, toss them over the embankment into the woods.  Speaking of “woods”: See my view from the patio, or inside the apartment.  ~~  I was in bed at seven o’clock last night because exhausted, and aches and pains!!  (I can’t go to bed early tonight because I want to watch Downton Abbey on TV!!)

Air bottom for large planter.Container gardenCompost for the planters.Two rescued plants added to pails.





A view of the day's labor (1).A view of the day's labor (2)).A view of the day's labor (3).A view of the day's labor (4).





Container garden improved.Hummingbirds welcomeTrellis for future climbing vines.




A-frames with hanging planters.Hanging pails in front yardView from my patio


I failed to mention that (yesterday) I dumped rocks out of the bottom of previously used planters.  I spent hours (yes, hours) washing rocks!!  They were scattered on the patio and I hosed away the excess planter soil around them.  They are now stored for some future project, or for eventual give-away.  (I plan to have a “yard, ‘yard’ sale” this Spring to eliminate the excess stuff!!) Subsequent to filling the bottom of planters with rocks (for drainage), I learned it is preferable to have an air space at the bottom of planters. Remember, being a backyard gardener is quite new to me.  I spent over forty years on the desert of Southern California.  ~~  My faithful electric drill got a workout drilling holes in plastic snack trays, plastic bowls, etc.  ~~ Remember my satellite dish squirrel baffles?  One needed repair!!  (Those adorable but destructive squirrels!!)