I’m multitasking. While eating a big homemade salad lunch, I uploaded the pictures taken this morning, cropped some… and started this blog. I enjoyed my very first home-grown tomato (about the size of a golf ball) . Delicious!!  It has been almost four months since I planted the tomato seeds. This tomato was from the seed that was planted “according to the moon” according to Old Farmer’s Almanac. All the tomato plants are doing well but this plant grew faster and best. ~~ I was “multitasking” while watching God’s little creatures. More “downsizing” while watching and worshiping. After one o’clock before I stopped for lunch. Now it’s two o’clock and last bite of salad so time to go back to work. Right now (today) I’m sorting paperwork, discarding lots, shredding some. ~~ Oh, FYI: Hot and humid; eighty-eight degrees right now (2:20) and I’m using the air-conditioner.

Exhausted !!

I’m really going to value the visit (tomorrow) with the chiropractor!! I’m exhausted!! My shoulders ache and I have mild back pain.  I’ve been sorting paperwork, and shredding almost all day. I have a purpose for the smaller bags of shredded paper. They will be packed on top of several boxes that will be shipped to family. ~~ FYI: At 4:45 PM it started raining (thunderstorm) and the temperature has dropped to a comfortable seventy-nine degrees.  I have the doors open and A/C off.   ~~ Bye!! I’m going to turn off the computer (due to thunderstorm).  ~~   Footnote, 6:30 PM: It rained hard for over an hour. Strong wind, too. The rabbit seemed oblivious to the rain as he/she feasted on corn below the squirrel feeder.

Indoor projects; too hot to be outside !!

Indoor projects; too hot to be outside!! Ninety-one degrees at 3:35 PM as I publish this message!! By necessity, I am running the air-conditioner!! ~~~~~ If it were not so hot, I’ll quickly pack a few things into the T@B and leave for Grandfather Mountain. Tomorrow is another presentation of Singing on the Mountain. I was there three years ago and you can read about it on my earlier blog.  Also check: Grandfather Mountain–as I saw it. There is free camping (if you get there early enough). However, it is “dry camping”–no restrooms or showers. Large RVs with all the amenities (including generators for air-conditioning) are especially blessed. Without electricity for a fan, I would “bake” in my little trailer. Very few trees in the free camping area. So I will reminisce… and put it on the calendar for next year. (The 2009 trip was with my “even smaller” Teardrop trailer.)

I love my backyard garden !!

Like most of the nation, North Carolina has been extremely hot. It reached a hot, humid, high of 93 degrees today. (Weatherman says “Felt like 95.”)  I started working in my backyard garden about eight o’clock and didn’t seek shelter until about noon.   I had “planned” to work on “downsizing” inside the apartment but my enjoyment escalates outside the patio doors.  There is a caption with most of the pictures but please note that it won’t be long until I have home-grown tomatoes.  I had fresh-picked home-grown Scarlet Runner Beans for supper. (I planted the Scarlet Runner Beans so their bright red flowers would attract Hummingbirds. Likewise, nasturtiums, petunias, and begonias planted to attract Hummingbirds. I seldom see a Hummingbird at the two feeders but I frequently see a Hummingbird at the flowers.)