Quel dommage !!

Quel dommage.  What a shame!!  I just heard, on the morning news. that Americans will spend 2.3 billion dollars on Easter candy.  Two-point-three BILLION dollars!!  Consider how far that money would go if given to charitable organizations.  I think of the efforts of Samaritan’s Purse, Operation Blessing, and the Salvation Army currently helping people in the South after devastating tornadoes.  (Something to think about.  I won’t “preach.”)

Also in the news: Thomas Kinkade passed away yesterday.  He was known as the “Painter of Light.”  I love his paintings!!  It is inspiring to view the mural at the Billy Graham Library.

Superfluous information !!

I added my receipts this afternoon–for my backyard projects–and it totaled $1580.76.  Let me know what you think.  Personally, I believe the enjoyment of birds, squirrels, raccoons, and rabbits far surpasses the expense.  Other than food for the birds and squirrels, much of the expense will never be duplicated.  Only time will tell how well my garden grows.  I’d like to think that homegrown tomatoes, and Hummingbirds enjoying the red flowers, will be the additional reward for my expense.

Landmark day !!

En route home from the chiropractor appointment, I bought two bags of planter soil and two bags of clay chips.   (Clay chips for drainage in the pink pails.)  I’ve been preparing for this day for many weeks!!  Scarlet Runner Bean plants are in the two red Topsy-Turvy upside-down Hummingbird planters.  Scarlet Runner Bean plants are in the three pink “paint” pails.  A tomato plant is in the green Topsy-Turvy upside-down “pepper” planter.  I lined the inside of the planter with heavy plastic so the extra holes are covered.  A tomato plant is in the Topsy-Turvy upside-down “strawberry” planter.  I lined the inside of the planter with heavy plastic so the extra holes are covered.  No hole in the bottom so the tomato plant is peeking from a hole near the bottom.  (FYI: The pepper planter was free; the strawberry planter was 99 cents.)  I had just finished planting, and watering, when it began to rain.  Finally, a few minutes to rest and survey the completed projects.   ~~  More seeds have sprouted and will be ready to plant soon.  I have two other variety of vines, with red flowers, so eventually I should have lots of color to attract Hummingbirds.









An uneventful weekend ?!

After three visits to Ace Hardware, I finally(!!) got a satisfactory piece of three-inch pipe to support the rustic bird house. (I was dealing with two different sizes between “topper” and bracket under bird house.)

I haven’t done anything strenuous this weekend. No heavy bags of cement, rocks, or garden soil. I did move the T@B tiny travel trailer from one site to another. (I only pay fifty cents a day for storage. Someone paying full price wanted the site next to the Activity Center.)





From Ace Hardware, I purchased two needed PVC pipe couplers so I could set up one framework  destined to be a makeshift trellis.  I wanted it along the back wall but (even two feet from the wall) management said “no.”  They “might” need to get to things….

Recently, from Lowe’s, I purchased the pink “paint” pails (reduced for quick sale).  They were much less expensive than planters!!!!  Very soon, I’ll fill them with gravel (for drainage) and garden soil.  I’m waiting for seedlings to get bigger before I transplant them.  FYI: I’m planting climbing plants, with bright red flowers, to attract the Hummingbirds.  Today I laced macrame on the white PVC pipe frame.





A squirrel was eating the flowers on the Begonia. Will I awaken some morning and find the deer ate my flowers and seedlings??