Tomato “tree”

Doing my research, I found the advertisement for this tomato tree. All the details, and fancy picture that you could “zoom” for better detail, etc. “No longer available.” I wasn’t considering the purchase (because quite expensive) but the picture substantiates my belief that I really need to stabilize the hanging basket. My assembly won’t look exactly like the one in the picture but I believe I have enough “stuff” for a sturdy hanger. I see this as a challenge!! I don’t want my brain to vegetate, ha! (“Vegetate” = become a vegetable.)  All the articles about upside-down planters discuss the huge amount of water to sustain the plant(s).  ~~  I have a concern: Will the plant(s) survive for a week when I leave for camping events??  I have reservations for two events this Spring.  

An “E” for effort !!

Well, I exerted a lot of almost non-existent energy to spray paint one wrought-iron post and erect it.  It is 63 degrees as I write this (at 4 PM) and it has been a delightful afternoon, weather-wise.  I’ll accept an “E” for effort but the project gets an “F” for failure.  I don’t have enough strength to drive the pole into the ground.  I hammered, and hammered, and ruined the top of one post!!  I put the Bluebird house on top… and the whole thing toppled to the ground!!  (Not that the Bluebird house is very heavy.)  The bar-bells have too small a diameter so I couldn’t use them to secure the post.  (But they will work for future projects.)  I drove a smaller post in the ground and have the two tied together.  Frankly, I’ll have to give more consideration (and effort) to this specific project. (If we have any wind, I fear it will topple over.) I don’t think I can dig a “posthole” because the ground is full of tree and vine roots. (But I’m not giving up!!)

Backyard birds

I revisited the Old Farmer’s Almanac site and noticed their recommendations re: Backyard birds.  With gardening tips, and birding, I have an enormous amount of reading!!  ~~  Isn’t that picture cute??  Not one of my pictures.  It arrived with dozens of other interesting pictures–from one of my blog followers.

Lorraine’s garden ??

My dreams–and plans–just get better (and bigger) every day!!  I read about hanging gardens and think I’ll graduate to several pails and several plants!!  Hard to believe but I already have a pipe framework similar to the one in the picture.  I bought them (pipe) in 2004 when I was camping in Quartzsite, Arizona, selling EcoQuest air purifiers and water filters.  Reportedly, over a million RVers congregate near Quartzsite, on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land, November through February.  Folks flee the harsh weather in the Northern states, and Canada, for Arizona’s wonderful winters.  Back to the topic of pipe framework(s): I bought… from hardware stores, in tents, with everything imaginable.  I bought, and created, extra signs.  I improvised an awning to protect my merchandise from the occasional rain.

It is irrational when you think about the fact that long links of galvanized pipe, and fixtures, were moved from Quartzsite to Lancaster, California, to Ohio, and Ohio to Shelby, North Carolina.  From a PODS storage to Waxhaw, North Carolina.  This Spring and Summer I may put them back in service!!  At least, at this moment, the project is intriguing.  Yes, I already suspect that my furry and feathered friends might steal my veggies.  ~~  I think I’m ready for the challenge!!

Burr-r-r-r it’s cold outside !!

Too cold to work outside in the yard!! Extremely cold weather after months of a mild Winter. So I did a few “creative” things with baskets–in preparation for Spring. I recently purchased The Joy of Birding, A Beginners Guide, by Kate Kowinski. I’m learning a lot for my bird watching experience. Cardinals will nest in a cavity with an open front. (The last picture [above] is a decoration [from Garden Ridge] of a Cardinal on a nest.)  I’m creating such an environment with baskets and a wood bowl (on the left, first picture). Next to the bowl, a bamboo box that entered my apartment full of exotic tea bags.  I thought it would be nice to return the bamboo to nature.  The basket on a limb is just an example of what I will do in the nearby woods.  In the future I should be able to report back regarding the birds’ acceptance of my offerings.  ~~  While working on projects, a big kettle of homemade beans was simmering.  Yum yum!!  Smells good, too!!




Forty-four degrees when I ventured out (briefly) at 3:00 PM to fill the sunflower seeds feeders. My weather channel reports 44 “but feels like 34.”




Scrapes of paper, cotton from nutritional supplement bottles, string, and ripped rags to assist the birds building a nest–in a new clean suet feeder. I read this suggestion in The Joy of Birding, A Beginner’s Guide.




Postscript, 1:00 PM Sunday 2/12/12: A cold and windy 37 degrees when I drilled a hole, for the hook, for the nesting material. I was anxious to complete another project!! The container is outside my patio door, under the eave (so things [hopefully] won’t get wet) where I’ll be able to see the birds appropriate stuff for their nest.