The good old days !!

If you check some of my earlier recent blogs you’ll agree I’m in a rut!! Now I direct you to another received e-mail.  As I watched… I thought the GOOD old days!.  Yes, I enjoy my computer, my blogs, Google searches for info and clip art, High Def color TV, etc., etc.   BUT, I really relate to small screen black and white television, wholesome programming, and real heroes.  You too??  (Oops, sorry to admit, the music link did not transfer with the e-mail.) Click the red link to view.

The Tampered Apple

I just read this interesting article about The Tampered Apple.  As mentioned previously, I am preparing to embark on the “Daniel Fast.”  This is a new concept for me (strange I had never heard of it before) although I have over three decades interest in health and nutrition.  So I’m searching the Internet for additional information.  Click on one link and read information, then it provides another link, and I’m amazed at the hitherto unknown.  ~~  There isn’t a soul who cares whether I live or die.  There isn’t a soul to care for me if I get sick.  I’ve long accepted the responsibility of “taking care of my health.”  Over the last year, I made some exceptions in my earlier eating habits and, consequently, gained weight.  With the “Daniel Fast,” I’ll seek God’s direction for my life–and cleanse the Temple of the Holy Spirit in the process.  I’m a tampered homo sapien.

Off Their Rockers

A couple of days ago I posted a blog titled “Laughter is the Best Medicine.”  Tonight I’m getting a double dose of laughter.  First, the birthday celebration for Betty White’s 90th birthday.  Now, a new comedy about senior citizens called “Off Their Rockers.”  So-o-o-o funny!!!!!!