Guilty !!

The fact that I can’t locate the parents of a great-grandfather is so frustrating for me. Sorry, I can’t “walk away.” (I want to walk away–but the challenge draws me like a magnet.) It bears repeating: The owners of this RV Park have been so-o-o-o good to me, I want to say “thank you” with details of their ancestry. (They requested…) I prepared those charts and I’m not even certain they are relatives. However, with so little information available, and so many hours spent researching, this may help another researcher. (Yes, those charts are attached to the relevant relatives.)

Walking away !!

Turning my back and walking away. Consider it “burnout”? From one mother with the maiden name “Eppes,” I went to sixty-seven individuals with the “Eppes” surnameand still did not have her parents and her ancestry. She, and her son, have been virtually impossible to document!! True confession: My “Frantz” familyand collateral lineshas been easy to follow and easy to document. Decades ago, when we did research “the old-fashioned way,” people would talk about “hitting a brick wall.” They found it difficult to find and document their ancestors. That wasn’t my case. Documenting the Tiner/Harris family introduced me to “hitting a brick wall.” I can’t sleep, I’m not eating properly, and I don’t get enough exercise!!

Good at my job !?

Excellent researcher!! However, I’m doing a poor job documenting the ancestors of the owners of this RV Park. I’m screaming and pulling my hair!!


10:00 PM: After fourteen hours of researching the Eppes family (today), I still do not have the answer I desire. I’ve lost track…; is this the third day?

Counting sheep ?

Long past bedtime. I didn’t want to accept defeat; I was confident I’d find the parents and establish the ancestry. Confession: Vanquished.

“Never a stopping point”  was the title of this blog at midnight. My Internet provider chose that time to terminate service (briefly) and the message was not published. After an exhausting day of research, I went to bed but I could not go to sleep. In my mind, I continued to research. And I’m perplexed by something I read (yesterday) about the daughter of Thomas Jefferson: “Mulatto.”  Everything in the TV news is about race, about “Black” and “White,” and President Biden versus President Trump. Personally, I do not want to enter the conversation. I was surprised to see the word “mulatto” attributed to the daughter of the third President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson. Personally, I do not want to enter the conversation about the Oprah Winfrey interview with Megan Markle and Prince Harry. I’m thinking “oh my gosh”  because this is the first time “ancestry” (my research) has mirrored current events. ~~~ Here is an interesting article from the Internet: Thomas Jefferson’s Unknown Grandchildren. ~~~ Here is an excerpt that disputes the daughter, Martha, was “mulatto”:

Sally Flemings was in charge of his “chamber and wardrobe” and was recognized among Jefferson’s neighbors, according to several Virginia editors who researched the story, as the virtual mistress of Monticello. This lasted until Jefferson’s only surviving white daughter, Martha Jefferson Randolph, moved to Monticello permanently with her husband and family in 1809. Sally remained, however, in “the big house” until after Jefferson’s death in 1826, when Mrs. Randolph quietly freed her. Then about fifty-three, she left and moved in with her son Eston. The census taker of Albemarle County in 1830 listed both her and her son as “whites,” thus inadvertently underlining the irony and tragedy in their lives.

Chasing rabbits

The ownermanager of this RV Park has been so good to me!! “Mr. Red” is interested in his ancestry and I’ve been “climbing his family tree” (off and on) for several months. (My small effort to say “thank you.”) As mentioned in an earlier blog message, I resolved the problem (I created) regarding the identity of his father. However, there is a problem with his third-great-grandfather.  Other Ancestry Member Family Trees want to attach Sidney Tiner to a couple age fourteen (14) and eleven (11) at the time of his birth. I reject that information but days of search have not revealed the true identity of Sidney’s parents. That’s what I call “chasing rabbits”  because I’ve been running full speed and catching nothing. So frustrating!!

Nine-hundred-fifty-six individuals in this tree, at this writing. Before March 10th, it may reach one-thousand.


Yes, I reached one-thousand individuals in this database. The focus this afternoon, and evening, has been on the Eppes family. I’m trying to determine the Ancestry of Frances Ann Eppes Harris. Look at this interesting tidbit of information from Colonial Families of the United States.

“Thomas Jefferson, b. 1743; d. 4 Jul 1826. Second President of the United States of America; married 1772, Martha Wayles, daughter of “The Forrest,” Charles City County, Virginia.”

Yet to be determined: Who is “The Forrest”? Also:

Mary is the daughter of Thomas & Martha Jefferson, She was born at “Monticello” and died there. Her father’s nickname for her was Polly. Mary shared White House hostess with her sister Martha Randolph and Dolly Madison, the wife of James Madison. Mary married John Wayles Eppes on October 13,1797 at her father’s house Monticello. John is Mary’s half-1st. cousin.



Lorraine’s Believe It Or Not !!

Another neighbor stepped up and offered to take me to Napa for a battery. THE KIA STARTED and I was assured the battery “is probably OK.”  We went to “brunch” at IHOP, and shopping at Home Depot. I “feel so good.” My companion gave me directions and I wasn’t experiencing “fear” while driving in Waco traffic. OMG, the omelet, at IHOP, was so-o-o-o-o delicious!! Except for the mask, entering and exiting, at IHOP, and mask in Home Deport, I felt surprisingly “normal.” Gospel truth: I plan to go out again this afternoon–to Walmart….

Tomorrow, Today, Yesterday

Five AM as I start this message. I experienced a restless night with very little sleep. This is my journal and “I’ve gotta be honest.”  I’m scared about my “Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow.” (Yes, I reversed the words in the title. I ended yesterday’s blog message with “tomorrow.” Tomorrow is today.)

Partly a praise report: I’m grateful a neighbor noticed the battery cable stretched out in my carport and he took the time and energy to get my KIA started. He drove my car like a maniac; I was terrified we would have an accident. I’ve owned the KIA for fifteen years and it has NEVER been driven so fast!!

I have a terrible headache. “Is something wrong with my head?”  I’m all alone; what if I have a health problem? The Coronavirus pandemic came upon us before I got established here in Waco, Texas. I don’t have a doctor. Under “normal” circumstances, I would have seen an optometrist and gotten new glasses. (I accidentally sat on my glasses a year ago….) Under “normal” circumstances I wouldn’t be a “scaredy-cat.” I would have driven to a beauty salon and gotten a haircut. This long, stringy hair is driving me crazy! (My dear friend, Deb, sent “barber sheers” but I’m afraid to cut my own hair.) ~~ All my adult life, I have been a strong, self-sufficient person. I hate the person I’ve become!! This is my journal and “I’ve gotta be honest.”


Happy Birthday Waco — One-hundred-seventy-two-years.

Happy Birthday Larry: My brother is three years and four days younger. He would be eighty-three; he has been deceased for many years.

“Cognitively impaired”  is a term frequently used to describe President Joe Biden. “Cognitively impaired” is a term your blogger is forced to label herself. This is so frightening!! For many years, my prayer has been “Father, please, please allow me the benefit of a ‘sharp mind.'”  I don’t think my Father God has ignored my prayer; I believe the year of Coronavirus isolation took a toll. Yes, the Coronavirus is experiencing a one-year anniversary.

My use of the computer started “in the dark ages” of personal computers. Every few years, I “traded up” to the newest system. Truth be told: “Traded up” until Windows-10. I was–and am–very happy with Windows-7. This past year, it has been a struggle to navigate Windows-10 on the new desktop computer. (The past couple of months, it has been a struggle to navigate a Smartphone.) ~~ A picture of me with my “luggable computer” in 1989.

Texas has “opened up” and things are geared to “go back to normal.” I’m still a scaredy-cat  and reluctant to leave home.

For many years, I earned a paycheck as a “proofreader.” I instantly saw the error in the Maxine cartoon. Do you see it?  It’s encouraging (to me) to see that the proofreading skill hasn’t left me. I saw the Maxine cartoon while looking for the clipart addressing “Old age is not for wimps.”


Just discovered: The car battery is dead. A year of neglect!!  Over the months, I have regularly started the KIA and let it run for twenty minutes or half-an-hour. It started for me after the miserable Texas storm and the hard freeze (less than three weeks ago). This afternoon, no response! Truthfully, I was ready to follow the instructions of a dear friend (Deb) and drive East on the open highway. “Too little, too late.”


Your blogger friend was NOT “cognitively impaired”  when she let the KIA registration lapse. The Texas driver’s license has expired, too, but I have an appointment in late-April (their date, I had no choice). Remember, I’m a scaredy-cat so I would have been breaking the law “driving East on the open highway.”

“Hint, hint”


A neighbor spent an hour (or more) working on my car. After it was jump-started, he/we drove many miles on back roads. Back home, turned offand it wouldn’t start!! Assessment: “The battery is dead!”  Tomorrow, tomorrow… (Can you hear “Annie” singing the song? “Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you tomorrow. You’re only a day away.”)

Testing, testing

I’m so delighted so many of my pictures, and clipart, can be found on this desktop computer. “Organization” is needed but with a little time spent searching, I’m able to find images. I’m getting closer to the time I can put the old laptop computer on the shelf with a “rest in peace” sign–or “Well done good and faithful servant.”